LEGO 10680 Juniors Garbage Truck Pcs

Help the workers empty the garbage into the dumpster, load it onto the truck and tip all the garbage in. Includes 2 sanitation worker minifigures.

Lego 10680

They love seeing garbage trucks as they come through our neighborhood, no this was perfect because they created their own little city to pick up garbage at homes. Didn’t take long to put together with his short attention span. He was in love with the completed garbage truck. This set in particular is great for little ones that love construction equipment and such.An excellent easy to build set for 3-5 year olds. His mom told me last week that it was his favorite toy out of all of his birthday gifts. A total hit, and should be good as he gets old enough to actually do the work!

He still needs help putting these together, but we have fund making it and he loved that the bed dumps out it’s garbage.

Lego Juniors Garbage Truck Review!

Set 10680

lego image juniors garbage tlego juniors garbage t 1

Lego Juniors Garbage Truck Easy To Build Unboxing Demo Review

Tidy up the city with this LEGO JUNIORS Easy to Build Garbage Truck!

It comes with a dumpster so you’ll be ready to go in no time …

lego image juniors garbage tlego juniors garbage t 2

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