LEGO 10682 Brick Starter Case Pieces Amazon.Co.Uk Toys

There are lots of bricks, half bricks etc, and a wide range of “special” little bits.

You should be able to make the things which are displayed on the cardboard box suitcase.

They are not arranged by colour, but by the same size (roughly) being put together in 11 packets. The box needs subdividing to sort them out.

I have it to my son for his 18th birthday and he just loved it. He plays with it everyday and he also liked that it came in its own storage case for an easy clean up and put away.

I build a Lego Classic version of a double decker bus, Big Ben, and a Royal Guard. This is a build from Lego 10682 Creative …

lego image brick starter caslego image

I discuss the LEGO Classic theme and do an unboxing on LEGO 10682 Creative Suitcase.

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