LEGO 10695 Vs 10696® Medium Creative Brick

Some will pick one over there other simply based on colors included in a given set. What would be innovative for a building set like lego?

It contains a good variety of parts so you can get back into the game. All of the models have great playability, with the tiger and alligator being able to hide in a forest. My only complaint is that said tiger and alligator can be a little fragile in tiny hands. The eyes on the alligator and the tigers paws seem to pop off pretty easily.The set increased my collection of regular pieces and had some rare coloured regular bricks. The included builds are cute and clever but there’s also just a lot of great bricks in here to let your imagination run wild.

Lego Classic 10692 10693 10694 10695 10696 10698

lego image image medium crealego classic image image

Lego Classic & Lego Classic Creative Brick Box Unboxing And Review

We are building with Lego Classic 10696 and Lego Classic 10698 Creative Brick Boxes.

We got done all the creations that were …

lego image image medium crealego classic image image

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