LEGO 10696: Review Creative Brick

The range of bricks and other bits included in the set is really impressive. The bright, bold colours are fab and the inclusion of lots of quite unusual, more technical and highly useful pieces makes this set feel ultra modern and slick.

Lego 10696 Review

I think the fantastic colours and pieces in this set really inspired my kids. My son preferred vehicle modelling, first building a really mini racing car then progressing to a slightly less mini neon tow-truck. Then together the three of us built a rainbow-coloured cottage, which really shows off the fantastic range of colours this set includes. Surprisingly, the kids were so engrossed they didn’t even complain about the lack of a minifigure in the set!After initially grumbling about the lack of a glazed window piece or a minifigure-sized moveable door in the box (the only moans they had), the kids proceeded to find clever ways to create the features they wanted. It is a real bonus that this set contains such a range of different ‘special’ pieces, because this means there is always an inventive workaround when the exact piece you first had in mind isn’t included. Finally to finish on a practical note, the storage tub in which the set is sold is stylish and sturdy as well as stackable. This stacking feature could come in very handy because if your kids enjoy playing with this set as much as mine did, it might not be too long before you acquire another box or two!

Back in the day, there would be printed bricks that could only really convey a neutral expression — you’d need a mouth to convey other emotions.

I think of these style sets as a good way to bulk up on bricks at a low price.

Lego 10696 ‘Medium Creative Brick Box’ Unboxing, Part Analysis, Speed Build And Review

Lego 10696‘Medium Creative Brick Box’ Unboxing, Speed build, Part analysis and Review. This set is £24.99 / $34.99 / 29.99€ …

When me and my family were away on holiday we bought one of these for my 2 year old and 4 year old to play with on those rainy stay inside days.

I love the lime-green translucent 1×2 bricks.

I hope the kids got to keep what they built!

The basic wheels and tyres are always dirt cheap on the aftermarket.

I tend to grab a couple every few months just to replenish my general-purpose brick inventory. The segregation of colors and minifigures between ‘boys’ and ‘girls’ themes for older kids would have to end first. This one is a 2×4 yellow brick wrapped in cardboard. The cardboard wrapping showcases some of the recommended models and some the parts included in the set. It also has an inventory on the back so you can see what parts you get before you buy it. There are 10 suggested models, 5 of which have their instructions included. The other 5 have their instructions are available online. Note: enough pieces are included to have all 10 models built at the same time. Instead of traditional blue, this bag is stuffed with an assortment of darker and lighter shades. Where you’d expect there to be a lot of parts, there’s very little, and when you’d expect there to be very little there’s a lot. One of the biggest offenders of this is the 2×4 brick. While the body is simplistic, the detail is second to none. The best part of this model is a tie between the teeth (which are studs) and the back spikes (1×1 slopes). There’s not really any articulation, except for the tail.

I understand that these models are supposed to showcase uses of the bricks included, but what a better way to showcase the use of bricks then to create movement?

Apologies for the blur, it blended in with the white of the desk and the camera couldn’t focus properly. It adds a lot of character to an otherwise dull model. Interesting to note: the trans-pink 1×2 brick is used on this model behind the eyes. This model is really a really nice interpretation of a car.

I like this one because of all the curves over the wheels and the articulation with the handles.

lego image review creative blego image medium crea 1

While they may not have much play value, they look great. The use of hinges on the purple one (left) contributes to a sense of realism that couldn’t be achieved any other way.

I like this one or not, while the blades do spin the model seems incomplete to me. The wide open field in front of it seems like wasted space. This model doesn’t really use the baseplate to its full potential. Maybe some simple brick built livestock placed strategically to look like they’re grazing would have solved this simple problem. While the carriage it pulls isn’t really much, the engine itself is amazing.

I love the use of the arch brick attached to the droid head to create steam, it adds to the realism. It seems too short when compared to the engine. Simply adding another layer of bricks below the windows would solve this problem. Apart from this, it’s an excellent model.

Lego 10696 Review

The last suggested model, and my personal favorite, a toaster. The toaster is probably the most realistic model included in the set, with the curves, dials and the toast. And if that wasn’t enough, this model has a function!

The function is very simple: the toast is placed on a platform and the platform is lifted up.

I don’t know why, but it’s very entertaining to put the toast in and pop it up. While the suggested models are good, the best part of the set is what it is intended for: creating your own models. With only 8 standard 2×4 bricks the possible combinations are virtually endless.

I decided to put this to the test by creating a few miniature models using only 8 2×4 bricks. While the suggested models are good, they’re not what a builder would buy the set for. This set is fundamentally a parts pack, but as stated earlier it doesn’t really do that well. The distribution of parts is off to the point where one begins to wonder if this set is really just a compilation of rejected creator models. The parts included seem to be there just so you can build the suggestions, but nothing of your own. In my eyes, the volume of specialized parts and the lack of regular bricks proves this. In conclusion, while there are some factors going for the set and some going against the set it is still pretty solid and a nice addition to anybody’s collection.

Lego Classic 2015 Unboxing 10696– Medium Creative Brick Box 484 pieces Ideas Included bought from Target. Also check out …

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