LEGO 10697 Black Friday: Amazon Lego Building Large Creator Pieces Toys

They have give from 1800 or 1600 pieces down to 1500, now just 900?

Just remember that slow shipping discount is only applied to certain zip codes and not everyone.

That’s the set that comes in a huge cardboard rectangular box with the plastic lego top!

It’s slightly less value but also the variety isn’t as good. The old one had more vehicle parts like windsheilds, steering wheel, seat, and a better variety of tires. It’s not in any way horrible and it’s still a great way to get a big variety of pieces cheap.It’s just over 2 cents a piece where the previous 1500 peice set was 2 cents a piece.

I guess lots of people have the 1500 piece set so this is finally a reason to buy the black friday set again.

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In case you missed in during Walmart’s Black Friday deals.

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