LEGO 10697 CLASSIC Large Creative Online Australia

Develop creativity and fine motor skills with a playground theme!

Make an animal train with these fun and colorful models.

Special elements encourage particularly imaginative construction projects. All models pictured can be built from this set simultaneously. The pieces are separated by colour into little plastic bags and fill up about half of the box. When you tip them out and separate them into like pieces, you find there’s a huge colour range now.After all, when you’re building, you want to build with the big bricks. The small ones are for finishing touches and detail right?

If they’re going to have so many colours, they need to increase the number of bricks so there’s enough bricks of each colour to make it worthwhile. The box says that there are 1500 pieces, which is te case (maybe there are even some extra) but a lot of these pieces are very tiny, like the one point “bricks”.

We have hours of fun with this, plenty of bricks for four of us to share and build with. It has fired up our four year old’s imagination and he comes up with new assemblies and ideas every day.

Lego Classic 10697, Girls Love’S Lego Sydney Australia Filmed With Lg G4 Smartphone

6-year-old Girl loves using her imagination with LEGO building blocks. filmed with LG G4smartphone. Big Box of lego by Miss V.

Also would have liked a sturdier storage container like the set just under this. Mum was upset with us but we did learn the meile replacement ate tea-towels whole!

They are a fantastic option for the kids, a great creativity set.

I still have injuries from standing on them.

You can only construct a few small items. Has anyone seen these large kits cheaper before?

This deal is also available online, just checked. But also, if you’re willing to wait for shipping, it is a little cheaper from the site below.

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