LEGO 10700 Dimensions Classic Base Extra Large Building Plate

Incredibly hard-wearing and can be passed from child to child, probably down the generations. The base plates do not flex or bend, remaining robust and supportive even as models are carried around the house and up and down stairs.

Lego 10700 Dimensions

Indestructible and a key ingredient for free-style play. However, they are sturdy and fairly flexible.

I am certain they will be used for many years by both grandsons. It’s not enormous but it’s big enough for one person to have a good play.Would recommend as a starting point for any parents, er i mean child’s lego adventures!

The baseplate measures 32×32 studs, ensuring there’s more than enough space to accommodate everything you create!

Not sure why people are freaking out about the color.

I used the baseplates as a tabletop on a folding table and it works great.

I have 10 and they go well with my city collection. My son has a plain wooden kid’s table and we bought 4 of these baseplates (2 blue, 2 green) to put on it.

Lego Set Reviews 10700 (Bright) Green Baseplate From 2015!

We glued the plates to his table and it came out great. But they are so expensive for one single 32×32 stud base plate.

I can’t see why were they so cheap back in the 90’s and now they are so expensive.

lego dimensions classic baselego set reviews brigh

Lego Classic “Green Baseplate” Unboxing & Review

LEGO Classic 10700“Green Baseplate” Unboxing & Review This set is £6.99 / $7.99 / 7.99€ / $12.99 AUD Get this set here: …

lego dimensions classic baselego set reviews brigh 1

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