LEGO 10702 Ideas® Creative Building

Use the included instructions and download more online to help kick-start your ideas!

I often have people ask me which set to buy to make the projects we posts, so for this post we’re keeping it simple.

If you continue to use this site, we will assume you are okay with that. Gone are the days when we had just had mostly 2×2 and 2×4 bricks to build whatever we could come up with. Now we have a variety of pieces to choose from to create things with.

We started on the first bag which was the one with the black and gray pieces.The parts in the bag were pretty random but there were enough to create something out of it. Josh noticed there were wheels but the connectors weren’t the right size so instead he used the skateboard wheel pieces as wheels. From that, he just put together what he could. He explained that the slope pieces up front made it go faster along with the rockets in the back. For the second bag, we tried out the bag with the pink pieces to see what we can make. There were also the 6037651 pieces which look like thrusters.

Finally, he used the flower pieces on the back to fit in with the thrusters as well as on the bottom for hovering. Next up was the bag filled with orange and yellow pieces. In the smaller bag, there were various eye pieces so that gave some ideas on what to build next. He tells me that it’s a robot that can vaccum up stuff with its mouth. On the blue colored bag, there were more basic bricks in various shades of blue and green. Again, there are also lots of the sloped pieces that could be used to give a shape of the build. Nonetheless, five minutes passed and what he came up with was a fort with exterior weapons using the pearl gold cone pieces as cannons. The red arch pieces are used as window openings while the brown palisade brick give some detailing in the front. Although there are instructions included with the set and online, there are potentially an infinite amount of other things you can create just using the parts in this box. Some of the things that my son created were really impressive considering we didn’t mix up the colors and used whatever pieces were provided in each bag.

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