LEGO 10702 Review: Creative Building

Anything constructed can then be taken apart again, and the pieces used to make other objects. But to create a small “village” of things, not enough bricks to build them with.

Just not as much as you think if you go by pieces alone. We’ve only built the first one (the roller skates).

I just need to buy a better container for it. The instruction booklet gives you a few fun things to assemble.Good mix of colors, good number of pieces, and great to use with your loved ones, however old.

We bought a hardware sorter box to sort the pieces out by color.

I enjoy the creator and mini figure containing sets, the building often feels a little bit constrained. It’s like we aren’t being encouraged to experiment too much with building any more. The box is shaped like an old school toy box, made of corrugated cardboard and contains several transparent poly bags, filled according to color family. These images show us all the colour, and representative of the parts selection.

Lego Classic Creative Building Set (10702) Unboxing & Exploration

Unboxing and exploration of Creative Building Set by LEGO Classic (10702). This set contains 583 building bricks to build almost …

Many of these pieces are fairly contemporary: new shapes or colours. The set comes with a small manual, offering instructions for 5 different models, all conveniently constructible from the one coloured bag?

One of my favourite aspects of these builds if the variety of scales in use: from a chibi style car ferry to a pair of lilac roller skates.

We would occasionally play our vinyl records, and record them onto cassette tapes, to share or play in the car. Track access was sequential, unlike the random access we have today. If you didn’t like a song, you could fast forward through it, or just wait. Often fast forwarding took just as long, as you tried to stop the tape in just the right place. On hot days, left in the car, they would melt!

Napster was a file sharing service in use around the turn of the century. It spelt death to the blank cassette industry!

The builds in the ‘ideas’ manual are variable in challenge if attempting to build them without the actual instructions.

I suspect that all the suggested models could be made at once. If you couldn’t do this, you would be forced to pull models apart before proceeding with the next!

There is great variety in (classic old school) green, yet transparent black exists only as 2 1×2 tiles. Trans red exists only as studs (1×1 round plate).

I had to adjust my light and refocus my eyes in order to detect it next to the reddish brown. By expanding the colour palette so much, most colours are not in enough useful pieces to allow solid colour blocking. The seated dog model is terrific, with so much character added by the use of the eyes, as is the lilac car. The dog particularly reminds us that a creature can be static, and doesn’t need articulated legs and neck like so many of the recent dragons and ‘build an animal’ creator sets. Perhaps two, or in conjunction with a supplementary pack. By not having a balanced palette, we are forced to build creatively.

I like most of the colour selections as well as the variety of pieces. The spread of pieces is good for general free building. It takes me back to what lego was, as a kids toy, rather than a sophisticated system of interlocking building bricks.

Get it for your kids regardless of what they like to build. What effect did 6 hours in the oven have on these stickers?

Includes more than 570 bricks in 41 vibrant and fun colors. Ideas for 9 potential models with building instructions included in the box and online. Ask your parents’ or guardians’ permission before going online. Includes 3 levels of building complexity to suit builders of all levels. Comes in asturdy, reusable cardboard box. There were lots of pieces that were sloped and great for building a house of some sort. This bag also included several flat plates, which could be used as bases to build on top of.

I was amazed at her creativity to build a town by just viewing the pieces.

I had her sort the pieces by color first before building.

Lego 10702 Review

I think her creation turned out fantastic!

Dallas picked the bag with black and grey pieces. It was a little bit more challenging because the parts were pretty random.

I had him sort the pieces by color first, and he decided he was going to make “a tire shop that sold car batteries”. His tire shop and garage looked awesome, and he even made car batteries and a place to keep the extra tires. These parts looked like they were going to be great for a math session!

Then we spent some extra time adding and subtracting bricks. The last two bags in the set were a fall assortment of colors with reds and browns in one bag, and a pinks and purples in the other.

We continued incorporating the set with our homeschooling lessons and talked about different shapes. Also, we all enjoyed the process of using the set for home educational purposes. It was fun to be able to sit down and build with my children. And are you using them for challenges and fun builds, or even education?

Classic boxes, but have only used them for play.

I will try to incorporate the educational ideas you mentioned. Your children are cute and very creative. It seems like you could do more with the classic pieces than with all the specialized pieces that come in todays sets. Please note that these are all currently available, newly released sets, not old ones.

Lego Classic “Classic Building Set” Unboxing, Part Analysis, Speedbuild & Review

LEGO Classic 10702“Classic Building Set” Unboxing, Part Analysis, Speedbuild & Review This set is £19.99 / $29.99 / 24.99€ …

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