LEGO 10703 Review Classic Creative Builder

Enough blocks there to do jut that and be very creative. Over 30 colours may appear in some of these sets (the creative building boxes have around 500-600 pieces each, and recently have featured latest 35 colours over the last few years.

The window panes come in trans clear, trans yellow, trans light blue and sold white. There are a generous number of 4×12 plates, in a variety of colours. Friends style models are almost inevitable.

I almost want to build 2, and join them up while opened up, filling in the roof detail.Compared to previous years, the piece count is made up with elements that are truly useful.

I think that this takes us back to the era of themed brick boxes, such were seen in in the mid 2000’s.

I wonder about the inclusion of a wheel base for a vehicle, but if you have a few sets, chances are one is for a building anyway.

I am grateful that the majority of pieces in this set are readily reusable, and only a small number of small parts are included, with many of them being flowers. Minecraft for a good mix of basic bricks?

LEGO Classic 10703“Doors & Windows Kit” Unboxing, Part Analysis, Speedbuild & Review This set is £19.99 / 24.99€ / $39.99 …

Lego Review On Set Creative Builder Box.

This set comes with 502 pieces and is great for building your MOCs or just adding that special touch to your Lego City.

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