LEGO 10707 Review

Not so many options, however, that we don’t need to come up with creative solutions. Classic sets come with an ‘inspiration book’ – typically including a selection of models that can be constructed simultaneously.

I was not prepared for their size, or price tag.

I decided to pick up the blue box initially, as it had the nicest rattle. Inspiration manual, with instructions for 3 models. Both sets contain pieces in a variety of hues, based on the primary color of the box, as well as a selection of white, black and grey pieces.There are also black, white and transparent elements in the red set. Both sets have instructions for a building, vehicle and a creature: they are all simple constructions, which can be put together without reference beyond photos of the finished models. Blue box offers a simple house facade, reminiscent of a beach hut, an intermediate whale blowing a waterspout and an advanced dark blue locomotive. In summary, both sets have there strengths and weaknesses: the blue box contains offset elements as well as inverse slopes, both of which are lacking in the red box. Instagram where you will find other nifty features such as legography and previews of upcoming blog articles. And, it’s very welcoming to see that there are photos of other things that can be made with the pieces in the set.

Lego Classic 10707 “Red Creative Box” Unboxing, Part Analysis, Speedbuild & Review.

LEGO Classic 10707“Red Creative Box” Unboxing, Part Analysis, Speedbuild & Review. This set is £4.99 / $4.99 / 4.99€ / $7.99 …

Creator sets used to have a lot inspiration like this but it was removed because of complaints from parents that instructions for the models shown weren’t included as well. Let’s hope they keep quiet this time!

It’s great that they are not just a box of basic bricks, there’s plenty of interesting shapes included as well, so even with just the 55 in this one there’s a lot of scope to make some cool little models, as the picture above show. Creator sets or does this actually explain why the alternative models from the back of the good old boxes have nowadays been removed?

I heard it, but that explanation makes sense to me in a way that the’ grumpy parents’ story never did. They emptied the box onto the floor, looked pretty lost, and then they asked me for the instruction manual and what to build with that. It took them a while but eventually they just started building and came up with their own creations.

I was still surprised that this not being a regular set had been an issue at all.

I always assumed they got rid of those to save time and money. She is all about just building random shapes that make no sense at all. She loves minifigs but would rather have a pile of random bits plus a fig on the side rather than a specific city set or whatever.

We grabbed up all four of the colors and headed home to crack into the boxes and check out the fun inside. Below you will find our quick review on all four boxes including a quick recap speed build video.

Lego Classic Red Creativity Box () Unboxing & Explorations

Unboxing and exploration of Red Creativity Box by LEGO Classic (10707). This set contains 55 pieces and a set of instructions to …

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