LEGO 10708 Pieces

The manufacturer suggests this set for ages 4-99. The guide also gives some ideas of how to make other small builds with the set or by combining parts from the four different sets together to make multicoloured builds.

I have also tucked a set in my daughter’s hospital bag for her in and out clinicals.

I have even given my son a cake tin from the dollar store to keep one set in while he plays with it in the van. Because the creations are so pint-sized, you notice this and my son was annoyed he couldn’t fully complete what was pictured. When they make those they don’t want to take them apart, and what’s the fun in that?With these sets they get enough pieces to make lots of different things, and they have a total ball with them. He was really proud when he showed me the alligator that he made and it actually looked really cool too!

He ended up pushing the tractor around the house for a few days too!

I bought this with the orange set, so he had two animals and a bit more variety. Includes more than 60 pieces in vibrant shades of green and fun, bright colors. Includes three levels of building complexity to suit builders on different levels.

Includes an inspirational guide containing building instructions and ideas that will help your child discover their creative building skills. This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 4-99.

I was expecting the box to only come with enough legos inside to build one thing at a time. To my surprise all three things shown can be built. Brought them to my office and everyone’s been complimenting them and telling me they want to get their own. Took about 10 minutes to build altogether if not less. These are definitely worth it for the price!

I love the different shades of green in this set, and the 3 little builds are adorable and effective. The set is a great buy for people who want parts, or for someone who can’t buy the more expensive sets, this gets the job done.

I was really impressed that you could build all three models at the same time.

I loved the fact that you could choose a set based on colour and was impressed by the variety of green shades. It contains different shades of green, and have diverse and creative builds.

I love the crocodile and castle builds because they are very striking, simple and they look amazing!

I really think they could have put more effort into making it look nicer. Overall, it is a cheap and creative set for children to unleash their imagination, so it is recommended by me!

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Information about the toy: – Brand – LEGO Classic – Manufacturer of toys – The Lego Group, Denmark – Name Toys – Creative …

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