LEGO 10716: Part

A rough, jagged shape made up of three spikes parallel to each other with a perpendicular line running through the middle of each one. The piece is about half the size of a cape and is meant to be draped over one shoulder.

Lego 10716

She loves the smurfs and had a smurf themed birthday party so this was a hit!

The blocks are small, but we are having fun with what we have opened so far, so it’s been a great purchase.

I like the idea of the box being a background, but the part that folds down flat is a little flimsy. The rest of the blocks that we have gotten are tiny and we have yet to use any of the stickers (we are waiting to put all the pieces together).We have done an advent calendar each year since my son turned 2. So far, 10 days into it, we only have a few lego looking pieces and one character. There was even one day that had a tiny small red piece (think the size of a pencil’s eraser) and that was all!

Still, my son enjoys opening the compartments each night and says he will put it all together once he gets everything.

I didn’t know that at first, and kept trying to look at the picture on the back of the box to figure out what to do with things. Some days there was a single brick, some days you get to build something.

Ninjago City Lego Ninjago Movie 70620 Product Animation

Explore the awesome high-rise NINJAGO® City!

Join the other citizens at the traditional fish market. Make a phone call, walk over …

I wouldn’t have been happy paying full price. Some of the flaps contained a fun little thing to build, others just had a sticker sheet that you had to save for when you uncovered whatever the stickers were to go on on another day. Some of the flaps contained a little smurf figure. It was fun to figure out what each thing was as we opened it. In the end, it constructed a cute little ice skating playset scene. It’s not worth saving the money to see your little one cry. Better to buy those and do something else than buy this junk!

We are only on day 12, but there have been at least two days that were merely stickers to put on the blocks. Needless to say my daughter has not been very happy. Compatible connections are detected, allowing you to assemble parts quickly.

Обзор на набор лего Ниндзяго фильм .

Открываем новый конструктор BELA NINJA № 10716. Бомбардировщик Морской дьявол. Лего Ниндзяго 70609.

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