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At least some little kid will be happy with it. They are quite small pieces of lego, a complete jump from the duplo.
Lego 10725
But with help from his sister who was a lego friends fan, he enjoyed building them. It wasnt in the box for long once he opened it and he had great fun building it. Really good easy to make set and great scene for role playing. Helicopter measures over 3” high, 4” long and 1” wide.Blue dragon measures over 1” high, 7” long and 9” wide. Jay’s blue dragon with posable joints and space for minifigures. Snake villain’s helicopter with spinning rotors, opening cockpit and rear door, and space for minifigure. Watch out for the lava, saw blades and swinging axe! Jay in on his blue dragon and make sure he doesn’t get away! I wish it comes with whole set of ninja as he is asking where is other color ninja.

Lego Juniors 10725 Lost Temple – Lego Speed Build For Kids

Lego Juniors 10725 Lost Temple – Lego for Kids Do you want to see more Lego Speed Build videos from Brick Builder Kids?

Pieces stay intact – no tiny attachments that fall off, get lost and drive you crazy. Fun to assemble for kids and parents alike. Jay oma sinisel draakonil templisse ja hoolitse selle eest, et kurikael minema ei pääseks!
lego image bricklink lego juniors image los 1

Lego Juniors Ninjago Lost Temple Animation & Stop Motion Build Review

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