LEGO 10740: Building Instructions

Attach the trailer to the fire pickup and race to the abandoned house!

Place a firefighter in the cherry picker and raise it to reach the rooftop flames.

Push the flame piece through the doorway to create a spreading fire effect. Accessory elements include four translucent-orange flames and translucent-blue water, two oxygen tanks, axe, handsaw and two fire extinguishers. Fire pickup with trailer measures over 2” (7cm) high, 7” (20cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide with cherry picker lowered, and over 7” (20cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide when raised. Motorcycle measures over 1” (3cm) high, 2” (6cm) long and 1” (3cm) wide.Abandoned house and baseplate measures over 2” (7cm) high, 2” (6cm) wide and 1” (4cm) deep.

Lego Instructions Juniors Fire Patrol Suitcase

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