LEGO 10746

Help children learn to care for and nurture the animals with this easy-to-carry suitcase play set. Help the animals stay healthy by keeping the farm clean and tidy with the tool elements.

Lego 10746

Keep the lamb nourished with the feeding bottle. Open the gate to let the foal run around. Encourage children to learn how to care for animals. Pickup vehicle measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (9cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide.Stable measures over 3” (8cm) high, 3” (9cm) wide and 4” (10cm) deep. It’s feeding time down at the animal farm!

Nothing is difficult to build, and the case has plenty of room for other kits. When my 3 year old grandson forces the issue it will come off everytime, but we are using that as a teaching item trying to get him to be patient and not so rough. Ok that is still a work in progress, but the real issues is we can pop it back on and there is no damage to the case. Good quality and the case is great for keeping the pieces.

Lego Junior 10746 Mia’S Farm Suitcase Lego Speed Build

Having a case come with the set is just a helpful reminder for the children and the parents to care for these small pieces, as there are many. The instructions are very good for that age and she actually loves taking it apart and rebuilding – again and again. Thought she would play with the assembled figures but she is so proud of her building skills that she does it over and over. Guess it’s a good positive introduction to the more complicated lego sets my children adored. She loves it and spends lots of time playing make believe. She is only 4 and the construction part is not as interesting yet, but she loves using her imagination with this set. The fabulous part is the wonderful, sturdy case it comes in with little compartments. It keeps things contained between each playtime. Use the wheelbarrow to bring the bales of hay to the stable, then feed the little lamb in its pen with the bottle. Includes a mia mini-doll figure, plus foal and lamb figures. Features an easy to build farm pickup vehicle with rear storage area, stable with opening gate for the foal and a pen for the lamb. Handy carry case to take away with you, wherever you go. It’s also handy for other lego to keep together. Great value considering it comes in a carry case rather than a cardboard box like most.

Lego Friends Juniors Mia’S Farm Suitcase Build Review Silly Play Kids Toys

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