LEGO 10937 Ebay Batman Arkham Asylum

In addition to each individual brick, you will also get exclusive parts not available anywhere else. She comes clad in green leggings and a matching bright green top.

Lego 10937 Ebay

The green in her outfit picks up on the green color of her lips and highlights her bright red hair. His brown outfit pairs nicely with his black brick hat, and he comes complete with a smiling face. These toys come with two weapons that fit in their curved hands. They also feature holes on their feet for sticking on any brick in the set.It also comes with windows and components for creating each cell. Great graphics, familiar voice actors from the tv series. Not exactly something you might want to let the young kids play. This is a heads up for those of you who are going to play.

I have not finished the game yet but was told it was short. Its also very brutal and violent and the joker is funny [well for a homicidial maniac ].

But this game is really rare peace of art in the game field. If you like action game, this one is a must.

lego ebay batman arkham asylextremely rare misprin 1

Extremely Rare Misprinted Lego Pieces From Ebay!

I open up some extremely rare LEGO minifigures heads from eBay, which are misprinted!

I don’t know how I got these for so …

lego ebay batman arkham asylextremely rare misprin 2

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