LEGO 12v Train Track

Discolouration is there, but it doesn’t affect playing with it. Hope you find it useful for finding what you need.

All our lego has been used but in good condition and checked before dispatch. What kinds has lego used at various eras in their history?

They all use a 6 stud gauge, so with a bit of fiddling, you can use all of the systems together. The different types of train track can be divided into a few main eras.Each era included straight track, curved track, switches, and cross track. The sleepers were moved closer together (3 per section rather than 2), and they were changed to a specialized part to improve the strength of the connection. Rails sections were a single piece, and they were all conducting. The 9v system included straight, curved, switch, and cross track.

I also added more photos of track elements from the 9v era. Browse other questions tagged trains or ask your own question .

Lego Train Track Through The Years 4.5v 12v 9v And More 1966 Present

Lego Train Track Through the Years 4.5V 12V 9V and more 1966-present Royalty Free Music “Welcome to the Show” by Kevin …

What is the centre hole for in modern train tracks?

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Lego V Train Dream Layout

I always dreamed of creating a 12V layout nicer than those that could be seen on the lego train catalogs. Here it is. This layout …

lego train track lego train track throu 1

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