LEGO 1349: Lego Steven Spielberg Moviemaker Doos

The “film screen” which displays the editing suite really is child’s play. The camera can be handheld, mounted, or free-standing; filming can include stop-motion adventure or live action; and once you have all the shots in the can, editing is simple.

Lego 1349

Ad was misleading and made a child very sad. Spielberg was also really involve in making this set. This little set is more than just a lego studio, but it’s actually a filmmaking toy for children wanting to become filmmakers. This set comes with a fun to read book that not only explains how to construct this set, but how to make movies.It suggests filmmaking techinqes, story telling and more. It also comes with an edit program that is very easy to use and easy to upload. It’s a very simple movie making program that children will have no problems with. It also has mini movies and video walkthroughs that can show kids how they can make movies with this set. The program kinds ready with sound fx, transitions and more that will helps kids make their movies more fun. Best of all, this set comes with an actual computer camera.

Lego 1349 Steven Spielberg Filme Studio… …

This camera is easy to use and hooks right up to the computer easly. It’s very blurry and fuzzy and the cord behind it can cause the camera to fall down as it is filming. But it’s also a nice lesson for kids so they know that making movies isn’t easy. While the movies won’t be perfect, children will have a blast making them with this set or other lego sets.

I highly recommend this set to parents who have children wanting to become filmmakers at a young age. They will learn alot on how to make stories, film with cameras, edit and more. This lego set is dear to my heart and it brings back so many fond memories and a child. The mini dinosaur can be used to simulate the dinosaur toppling the two mini buildings, or as a baby dinosaur for a plot element. The camera is functional and track can tilt forwards and backwards, rotate side to side, and shift left and right for different angles. The dinosaur foot can be utilized for close-up shots. Included is software to edit video that is shot through the camera. It includes various sound and video clips to place in the film, as well as a trio of sample short movies, which feature tips to improve movie effects. Spielberg wrote the foreword to the director’s handbook. Create real movies of your favorite characters in action!

The earthquake movie set comes with an awesome background, a breakaway road, scary dinosaur, and even a giant monster foot!

Use the movie editing software to cut out scenes, create cool special effects and add sounds. Get an audience, grab some popcorn, and gather around the computer screen for the show. For a real world premiere, you can e-mail the film to your friends. All and all this is a great set, but it will be pretty hard to get one now days!

It will not work with newer operating systems or computers.

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