LEGO 1382 Scary Laboratory: BrickLink

The gate is attached into the wall by several hinge pieces, and can open and close. As extra decorations, spears and flames are added to the wall surrounding the gate.

Lego 1382 Scary Laboratory

The toolkit is backed by a wall, the back side of which has a sticker with a picture of a wall with ivy and a flying bat stuck to it. The kit is also surrounded by four pillars, on on each side of the base-plate. However, unlike the previous level, this wall is brick-built, and has a window in it. The third and final level has a great deal of machinery on it, some of which is merely a sticker on a pillar, and some of which is actually physically built.There are four major pieces of brick-built machinery, the first of which would appear to be some sort of generator, and it is built with a transparent circular brick, and a tube with a gear atop it. The second part is built into a back pillar (of which there are three), and simply consists of a large gear, and two glowing cone-shaped lights. On top of these, built on a platform of bricks, is a forth and final piece of machinery. The first level has a single-piece back wall, as well as three pillars surrounding the main floorspace. Behind the door is a platform on a rotating base, which has a wall built in the middle of it and, on one side of that wall, a skeleton. Any other mini-figure can stand on the other side.

Lego Halloween Studios Scary Laboratory 1382 Frankenstein Review Brickqueen

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The back wall of the level is brick-built, and depicts a window. The beam from the second level goes up to the third level, and is allowed into is by the fact that the floor made of several beam pieces, the middlemost of which has several holes in it, and it is through of these the beam come out of. The main part of the third level is occupied by a small tower which, at it’s top, the beam pops out of (behind the beam is a decorational flame piece). To one side of the tower is a single pillar, which has a bat atop it. In addition to these two brick-built structures, there is also a large cardboard backdrop included in the set. His torso is white, and has buttons and a stethoscope printed on it. One side of his face depicts a large smile, glasses, and thick eyebrows. Th other side of his face is very furry, has an angry expression, and red eyes. His sand green face has a soporific expression, and it has a zipper on it’s back. On top of his head is a large piece that acts as an extension of his forehead. His face is yellow, has a grey beard, and black glasses. His face is also yellow, and is double-sided. One side has a confident smirk, and the other a terrified screaming expression. Both sides have orange hair printed on them. She has an orange hairpiece, tied up in a bun. Angry at this interruption, the scientist transforms himself into a monster, and tries to chase the intruders out of his lab. What monster movie is complete without a scary laboratory?

He’s been making monsters all day, and he would just love a little company. Set up the camera (available only in set 1349) and catch the action as the hero enters the secret door. Spin the skeleton head and the hero is gone – and there’s a skeleton in his place!

The box has a lot of shelf wear on the corners and edges and there are creases on the front corners from stacking.

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Lego Studios Scary Laboratory Review (обзор)

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