LEGO 16: Best Lego Star Wars Sets

The cockpit features a lift up lid on top, allowing you to place a minifigure in the driving seat, and a piece behind the head allows you to rotate the cabin. All round though, this is a fun build and a great looking set.

It’s a new vehicle for the spin-off film and you’ll be sure to love this set once you’ve put it together. It took our 20-year-old master builder a little under two hours to build, but it’d take a little longer if you’re doing it with kids. Plus it’ll give you a bit of a challenge with its 176 step process to build.

You won’t want to buy this for anyone younger than nine though, this is a particularly difficult set to build.It’s also one of the largest with nearly 4, 000 pieces and 24 characters included in the final reckoning. And hey, you get a little blue, piano-playing elephant too. Features a pilot cabin, adjustable wings, detachable storage box and dual spring-loaded shooters. This ship never appeared for any noticeable duration of time in the movies, so it’s a great surprise to see this unique vehicle again. He was really excited when he spotted it. So getting near that price is a good deal.

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But legos don’t seem to be that low anymore. Overall, this is a pretty versatile set; it has wings that move up and down, and it has a rather sleek feel to it. The sleekness and simplicity of the model make it very easy to break if you’re not careful. Especially the top part, which is only one brick wide and moves up to take out the pilot. If you’re too forceful you just might end up having to reconstruct the top wing over and over again.

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