LEGO 16: Collectable Minifigures

Quick ship, as described, duplicate figures. Perfect for people who likes to lego characters.

Lego 16 Minifigures

Depending on what character you recieve, there are cute little accessories that goes with its costume. Here’s a look at the leaflet included in each blind bag which serves as a checklist for all the characters in the series. Like previous series, each box should guarantee 3 complete sets of minifigures . He’s just a wild and crazy guy in a banana suit who loves two things: bananas and partying.I was obsessed with this song at one point in time and had it as my phone ringtone. It really captures a real banana’s curved shape quite well. He knows the location of every source of water hidden beneath its dunes, and can find his way through deadly swirling sandstorms that anyone else would find both impossible and impassible. He shrugs off scorching sun and scorpion’s sting alike, saying that he needs nothing more than his sword at his side to survive out there forever. He also builds the most magnificent sand castles you’ve ever seen!

The dark green turban which is new in this colour is quite a great accessory and goes well with his colour scheme.

All Lego Series 16 Collectible Minifigures Reviewed!

There are some cool little details such as the printing on his feet which make it look like he has pointy shoes , and also the metallic gold armlets on both his arms. Try and feel for the hilt and pommel which stick out quite a bit. The sword’s large curved blade is also quite easy to feel for. Few have ever seen him in action, and almost nothing is known about his identity or past.

I was pleasantly surprised when he popped out of the blind bag and was thoroughly amazed at the quality of the minifig.

I really like the communicator/headset thing printed on the side of his face . The moulding and fine printing across the neck and headstock are just incredible to behold. Whether he means to or not, he’s constantly causing trouble around the neighborhood. It’s just that sometimes he hits the baseball the wrong way, or accidentally knocks over the paint can, or opens the window when there’s a pie cooling in the kitchen and a flock of crows outside. He also has a black trident which doubles as a pitchfork. His wings are also quite easy to feel for as they have a distinct shape and you can feel the ridges on each wing. The wings also feel very rigid and are relatively large. It may rain and thunder, or he could be covered in itchy bug bites, or he might even get completely lost and turned around, but you know he’ll have a great time anyway. There’s just one thing that he likes better than hiking outdoors all on his own, and that’s having some pals along for the journey!

He sports absolutely gorgeous printing on his torso and legs – he’s got a windbreaker and backpack straps/waistbelt printed on his torso, khaki cargo pants and brown boots.

I really like the attention to detail on his face, where the colour of his facial hair is almost an exact match with his hair. Next up, is a printed compass 1 x 1 tile . Third is the printed map tile , which is a new addition. Alternatively, his backpack is quite bulky and you can tell from the ends of the sleeping bag that extend out from each side. A member of a feared pack of renegades, he doesn’t let anything – or anyone – stand in the way of his quest for riches. Or at least that’s what he tells everyone. To camouflage himself within the trees, he’s arrayed in a very pleasing green and brown garb. There are some exquisite details printed on his torso and legs, with a leather vest, belt and a satchel on his right leg.

I also love the cool little nod to archery, where he only has his right arm (the one that yanks the arrow) gloved.

lego collectable minifiguresall lego series collec 1

Of note is the presence of a red sash that goes across his chest, and left arm, where you can see a bit of red printed over his arm. It’s a really cool effect, although the arm printing lacks some of that fabric detail, so it’s not something that you’d notice immediately. Removing his mask reveals a friendly-ish face with some really wild sideburns and a bit of fuzz on his chin. The quiver should also be easy to find and it should feel like a thin-ish rectangular piece with a neck clip jutting out the other side. He grooms and brushes it, buys it the most highly-rated toys and treats, and teaches it to do clever new tricks. He makes sure it stays happy, healthy and well-exercised, and that it gets to spend lots of time playing in the park with its doggy friends. All of that hard work and care really pay off at the dog show. Everybody in the audience is impressed by how well-behaved his dog is, but when you’ve got a bond like these two do, you know that there won’t be any unexpected barking or jumping on the judges. It’s no surprise that they take the top blue-ribbon prize in every competition they enter!

He has a pretty nice torso in a lovely shade of light blue with some neat little details such as a doggie treat sticking out his jacket pocket , and a first place blue ribbon proudly pinned to his breast.

I was very surprised that the massive silver trophy has a dog silhouette printed on it .

Lego 16 Minifigures

The base of the trophy is also quite easy to feel for and it should feel quite thin with a bit of a nub at the end. A friend that he can read stories to from his favorite book of spooky tales. A friend who doesn’t mind that his pet spider accompanies him everywhere he goes. A friend who doesn’t wonder why he doesn’t show up in photographs. A friend who won’t ask why he has a fang. He tries his hardest to make friends, but sometimes it seems like other people don’t even see him when he’s standing right next to them. In the meantime, he’ll keep looking for somebody who will be his friend. No shades of grey here, this here, is love in black and white.

71013 Minifigures Series 16

Cute planes and trains and snakes and spaceships!

The pug is wearing glasses, which is pretty hilarious, making it a really fun torso. The milk bottle is a pretty uncommon accessory so it’s quite nice to get it alongside the baby. Babysitter herself doesn’t disappoint thanks to a very cute torso and a great new hairpiece that will be great for minifig customisers. Brushing his teeth, combing his hair and doing laundry weren’t for him, so at the first opportunity, he hopped on board a pirate ship and joined its crew. Now he gets to do all of the stuff he wants – fire cannons, tie sailing knots, eat horrible pirate cooking, and even wear an eyepatch.

I can see this torso being used for a homeless person or out of control drunk!

Her human half provides her with creativity, imagination and flexible thought, while her robotic half grants her extra senses, super-fast reflexes and expanded computational power.

I really like her electric blue hairpiece , which has a streak of silver in it. She has a simple blaster with one of the new-ish 1 x 1 studs that has the hole in side, which plugs on to the gun’s nozzle. Her armour is quite rigid and there’s a little dip in between the large shoulderpads – on the bottom, it has two rigid flaps which represent the front and back pieces.It’s very large, so it should be quite easy to find. When he’s wearing his suit, he insists on eating nothing but fish…or at least things that are fish-shaped, like the special bologna sandwiches that his parents make. Everything in her magical kingdom is made out of the stuff, from the icicle crown on her head to her castle’s ice stables, full of ice horses ridden by ice knights. Even the bakery in town is run by an ice baker who makes icy loaves of bread over the flickering ice flames of his frozen oven. But just make sure you smile politely and laugh at each and every one, or you’re likely to find yourself taking an ice slide all the way down to her ice dungeon – and you won’t get out again until it melts the next summer!

There are some neat little details such as an icy pendant hanging from her neck and some printing near her wrists.

Lego Minifigures Series Pack Opening!

LEGO Minifigures Series 16 is here EARLY!

Yeah, there wasn’t even an official reveal from LEGO for this series. Here’s my …

Her hair is white as snow and you also get a transparent blue crown – my favourite accessory in her entire outfit. Her cape comes in two bits, with a popped collar to give her a particularly regal look. The icy shards are a pale shade of blue and also do well to match her theme of jagged motifs. As a kid, she would merge her chores and hobbies so she could try hockey-lawnmowing and homework-fingerpainting. But as she got older, not every combination worked out so well. Football-archery caused some trouble, and swim-jogging was nearly a disaster. And thanks to lots of training, she’s gotten really good at it, too. When she’s in the ring with her protective equipment on, boxing and kicking away against a skilled opponent, she sure is glad that she didn’t go with her other idea of parasail-bowling!

Also included is a black 1 x 1 round brick that acts as a stand for the head guard. The printing is outstanding, with the subtle crinkles and even down to the laces on her boots – it’s not often that you see a minifig’s legs outshine a torso. Try feeling for her hands, which are round and feel quite large. Additionally, you can also feel for the round 1 x 1 brick which is the only one of its kind in this series. She and her camera have been to every continent on the globe in her quest for photos, documenting the fascinating behavior that she sees so that everyone back home can see it, too.It does feel a little bland, seeing as there’s no additional printing on it. She has a fur-lined parka and goggles on her face to protect her eyes from ice cold winds. She comes with a camera accessory, which is always nice to have more of.

I like to think that they are different species and can thus happily co-exist with one another. As an accessory, it will feel quite large and lumpy because of its curves but its smaller head and flippers are easily identified as long as you squeeze them hard enough to get a good feel of its shape.

I particularly liked the variety and how balanced this series felt. The printing on most of the characters are exceptionally crisp , and some minifigs are just enveloped in all sorts of cool details. Series 16 soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that!

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I read most posts a day before they come out. Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, together with one or more accessories, plus a display plate and collector’s leaflet. Every minifigure comes with one or more accessories. Overall, an excellent addition to many a display or collection.

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