LEGO 16 Minifigure Display Case: Problems Viewing Target

Do you need a dust-free display solution?

Do you have large figures which might require a custom display?

Lego 16 Minifigure Display Case

Do you want to display your minifigures on the wall or on a shelf?

Do you to be able to remove the minifigures quickly?

I like that it has a front cover to keep the dust out, and you can open the front while it’s attached to the wall. Most cases have a stair-shaped platform, allowing you to show off several rows of minifigures while still being able to see the figures in the back row.This allows you to build a custom solution of any size. Even if you want to build your own stepped platform, you may want to consider a plastic enclosure to prevent dust. By the time you add a plastic enclosure, you might want to consider one of these purpose built solutions.

You can use a flat baseplate, or build a simple stepped platform. If you are willing to put the figures very close together, it can hold around 90 figures. It looks great with about 24 figures, but can probably hold more than 50.

I bought the LARGE LEGO Minifigure Display case last time I was at Target!

It stores 16 Minifigures comfortably and provides a …

I recommend options with a glass or acrylic front to keep dust out, and a hinged cover so you can access your minifigures easily. Easy access with an acrylic door, and can be locked with a small key. For one, you might be able to save a little money compared to the commercially available options.

You also might want a custom size or a really large display case. This attractive display option holds 56 minifigures, but it doesn’t have a glass door so it isn’t dust free.

I recommend shadowboxes with a hinged door, since you can open the front and swap out minifigures easily. Either option will give you a dust free, and professional looking display.

I routed a channel in it that matched the width and depth of a 1x plate and then hot glued plates into the channel.

I mounted the trim on the wall, and can then add or remove minifigs with ease. It is a shadow box with a hinge, and you can mount it to a wall vertically or horizontally.

I just glued in 2×2 inverted slopes and can fit about 30 minifigs in one. Ikea also do a ‘picture rail/shelf’ that is only a few inches deep and modular, and is ideal for displaying standard minifigs?

Similar to your frame solution, you can find shot glass display cases that have divided compartments with a hinged glass front; no need for modification!

A display solution not discussed in your otherwise great guide is flat-packed shelving. Shelf heights are adjustable and you can even choose whether to have chip-board or glass shelves. Your guide is excellent and so are your labels!

I am of course curious to hear which of those products you like best, as i’m trying to sort the “recommended products” for each category with the top pick at the top. The display cases can be stacked into a customized storage / sorting system.

lego minifigure display caselego minifigure displa 1

Unboxing and exploration of the Minifigure Display Case by LEGO(4066). The display case can store up to 16 minifigures and …

lego minifigure display caselego minifigure displa 2

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