LEGO 16 Years And Up: Toughest Lego Sets Build

Luckily, you never get too old to play with cars.

We may put age markings on our boxes to make sure you can find a set that matches your building skills, but when it comes to imagination and creativity there are absolutely no age limits!

Lego 16 Years And Up

Find fun car toys for everyone right here. There is enough difficulty to them to make them fun for the adult to build. Many people like to have more than one set up to create a village of buildings that they built using the popular plastic bricks and pieces. It twists and plays music while the steeds and swing watercrafts climb up and down!Lego builder, aged 16 years old or older. Cities around the world are often recognized by a land mark building or structure. Now adults can replicate those famous buildings, bridges and tourist attractions using the little bricks and pieces that make for a unique display in their home or office. When finished building this set the building will be over 20 inches wide and 16 inches tall. It will include the base of the building along with minarets, domes, finials, arches and front stairs. They will use a little over 1200 pieces to construct this most recognizable bridge that was originally constructed in 1894.

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The drawbridge will open and close just as the real one does. The set includes some vehicles to put on the bridge, also. Once completely built the bridge will measure 40 inches long by 17 inches high by 10 inches wide. Impressive architecture fills the cities, towns and countrysides across the globe. The building that was once a home, has been open to the public to tour since 1963. A great set for the future student of architecture or someone who is already in the profession.

You will find 12 bearing elements, 6 clutches, 42 windows and other elements for your build. Printed instructions for you to build by. Recommended for ages 16 years old and older. The challenge isn’t hard, but it does require patience. In addition it offers a spare tire in the front and motor in the back, an exact inner part, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. The model in addition combines 2 wagons and 3 compartments with opening entryways (1 with refrigerator). This robot took our grown-up testers about 30 moments to build. After that, they spent a ton of time playing with their creation and testing its capacities. Once you understand the rudiments of mindstorms, you should use programming to really make it interesting. Thanks for visiting, if you liked this lens please consider rating us or recommending us to your friends. Lower the ramp, load the troopers and get ready to transport them into battle!

The set has been kept safe in a smoke-free house. Box is in excellent condition please see pictures. This box is in excellent condition and still sealed (see pictures). Get this set as this set is hard to find. Pictures are of the actual set being sold. Package will be shipped as shown in photo 9 for both domestic and international shipping.

I do not have the instructions but they can be obtained on line.

lego years toughest lego setlego star wars the com 1

Box is in excellent condition from a smoke free house.

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lego years toughest lego setlego star wars the com 2

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