LEGO 16014 Compatible Brick Space Shuttle PM

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Lego 16014

There were two missing parts in my order. Aside from that, the quality of the parts was mostly great. Clutch was mostly good, but the 1×2 plates were a little loose. Colors look good, they feel good, couldn’t tell the difference in my hands, and even the technic pieces for the most worked fine.No whites, no blacks, and no translucent blues. The fuel line 1×2 axle joints are not properly sized (or the red 1×2 pins). They do not conform to the shape of the attached pieces. The shell on the tip also is not the proper thickness so as when you attaching both sides they will not meet and create a proper connection for both top and bottom connections. This creates a issue where any movement can easily have these just fall off.

I removed one of the round 2×2 plates to allow the tip to connect.

Fake Lego Vs Lego 10231 Lepin 16014 Space Shuttle Build

Here is my take on the lepin space shuttle and the discontinued Lego version vs build.

The issues with the shuttle itself we’re very minor to me, first being the notched axle joints connector for the satellite won’t hold the equipment up but one position. Since it’s primary display position is upright docked, not a big deal. For display purposes this is “correctable”. Once you go beyond the issues in the set, it’s still a wonderful display piece.

I can expect a mistake typically with a knock off but these felt more major to me.

I had 1 missing part which was a 1×2 brick with hole.

I was planning on modifying mine to eliminate the door gap and to change how th landing gears fit in o close in the wings entirely. The tape-tile for the camera sits a bit loose. Ethical doubts indeed as my 4 knock off sit displayed.

I bought red bird due to age so as any official used one in half decent quality would be yellowed requiring time and effort for a limited result. Are there people out there just waiting for sets to go out of production to buy them the next day for twice the original price?

How would that work with decades of sets?

The doors seem like a problem no matter what.

Lepin Shuttle Expedition

Lepin 16014 Shuttle Expedition, 1230 parts. Thanks for watching!

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