LEGO 18 Minifigures Series Party

Each minifigure comes in a sealed ‘mystery’ bag, together with one or more accessory elements, plus a collector’s leaflet and a unique display baseplate. Every minifigure in this series comes with one or more accessory elements, plus a collector’s leaflet and a unique display baseplate.

Lego 18

The exception for me was the two figures dressed as 6×2 bricks. Possibly the best series of minifigures ever!

A brilliant way to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the minifigure and to put a smile on yours and others faces. So if you want, technically you can collect the other 16 for the normal set leave out the chase figure.She’s basically a gray minifigure with some white on the torso and feet but that’s about it however she does have a pink ballerina skirt piece that goes between them. Her facial expressions are a smiling one and a terrifed one because of the brown mouse accessory. The head piece is a large elephant head piece complete with large ears and a trunk. The torso and arms are plain red but the main thing here is the new 2×3 brick suit mold that goes on the legs. The head is just a simple smiling expression with a nice brown hair piece. His accessory is an interesting choice with a 1×1 blue plate.

Smyths Toys Lego 71021 Minifigures Series 18

LEGO 71021 Minifigures Series 18 is a brightly coloured special collection celebrates 40 years of minifigures with an array of …

She also has a large smiling expression with a brown side ponytail hairpiece. Her accessory complements the other minifigure with a 1×1 red plate. He has a purple and orange torso with some lime green legs. His facial printing shows him with clown makeup and a tongue sticking out the mouth. The hat piece is a good choice with flower printing on the front. The torso is just plain blue with some red hands. The legs are gray with with some printing of an explosion from the bottom of the firework. The head shows him wearing sunglasses with a big smile. The torso has printing of a white blouse with a lavender colored bow that goes around the torso. The legs are the short variety with her wearing blue shorts and white shoes. Her hair mold includes a pigtail along with a purple party hat. He’s dressed up as a red dragon with black scales throughout the torso. The legs are mostly red with some black for the feet. There’s a new spider bracket that goes around the neck that is made from a rubbery plastic.

I do like the use of this new piece instead of the traditional way of using the octangular piece for the arms. His face is plain white with a stoic expression on one side and a scared expression on the other with a spider head mold going over it. The legs are pink with some blue icing on it. He stands inside a large two-tier cake that is decorated all around. He has a very large smile on his face and wears pearl-gold party hat that plugs on top of the hair. The torso is green with some lines going down it on both sides. The arms on the cactus are replaced by some branches that are able to move. She has a double-sided head with a smile on one side and nervous look on the other. The arms have some printing of the white fur as does the lower part of the legs. Like with other anthropomorphic minifigures, there is a tail piece that go between the torso and legs.

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The cat head piece looks more like a mask to me than an actual cat head however her facial printing also shows her with cat makeup. There’s a rather large race car that goes around the waist and it doesn’t look too bad. The head shows him with a confident smile with a soul patch. The helmet is blue with some printed patterns on it. The torso is green with some printing of vines going down the middle. The legs are plain brown but there’s a large brown flowerpot that goes on them so you can barely see the legs. Going over the head is a large dark pink flower petal piece. Her facial expressions include a happy one and a sort of a sad one. He has a no sleeve teal colored torso with a nice vest printing on both sides. There’s a harness that goes around his neck for the front of the horse while another goes around the waist for the tail. The legs are plain brown to match up with the color of the horse.

Lego 18

The head shows him with a smirky smile and he wears a cowboy hat to complete the look. He has some short legs showing him with some black shorts and white shoes. The head shows him with with a smiling expression with some green eyeglass frames. He is a light blue color with some gold star printing on the front of the torso. The tail piece is the same as before but now in a darker blue color. The helmet mold is the same as before but in the new lighter blue color and now has a pearl-gold horn that goes over his winking expression head. His accessories include a pearl-gold sword along with a printed unicorn shield. The head is the classic minifigure smiley face and he wears a white cap.

LEGO Minifigures Series 18

This means that it’ll be extremely difficult to obtain this minifigure due to its scarcity. We’ll just have to see how expensive it will be once this series is available. One thing to note is that all the minifigures come with a new orange baseplate instead of the standard black ones. Below is the distribution for my box so you can get a sense of what you can expect to find in a full, unopened box. It will be hard to gauge what people will be looking for as people has different interests/tastes.

I quit my job which paid decently well but was ultimately making me miserable.

I also started at my new job recently which has been pretty hectic but incredibly fun and rewarding. The horse is made up of two parts – the body which is attached to the minifig’s neck and the tail goes between the torso and legs. Sadly, the horse is made out of rubbery material which isn’t my favourite as it has a squishy feel to it, and quality control can be iffy with these elements, but my horse in particular had no real issues. Not as iconic as a 2 x 4 as they had to make do with a 2 x 3 configuration to fit the size of the minifigure. Yup, those are working studs right there.It feels like a rectangular with sharp corners and you can easily make out the studs on it. The only way to tell them apart is by feeling for their hairpieces – the boy has a toussled hair, which doesn’t have the pointy ponytail bit that the girl’s hair does. She has her hair up in a side ponytail and it’s quite a nice female hairpiece that isn’t particularly common. They should both stick together (heh), and the opposite colour scheme also work particularly well together. Differentiate between them by feeling for the girl’s hairpiece, which has a slightly pointy end to it courtesy of the ponytail. Not gonna lie, it’s one of the best female minifigure faces produced in a while.

Lego Series Collectible Minifigures Review!


The mould now incorporates so much more detail such as a face, more prominent ears and a tail that’s made out of rubbery plastic. Here’s the look at the back of her helmet. No back printing as it isn’t really necessary since the plain grey works well, however a zip at the back would’ve been a nice touch. It even comes with a special printed tile which is really cool, adds a lot to the whole retro/vintage appeal of the minifigure. To find him, feel for the 2 x 1 tile, which is unique to him. He’s located in the left compartment, towards the back of the box.

I really like the two-tone top hat which has a flower printed in the front, as it gives the clown a very distinct look. Made out of rigid translucent plastic, the two balloon dogs have highly detailed moulds and are thoroughly impressive. The little details such as the snouts, and tips at the ends of their tails as well as the bulbous shape of the dogs are just amazing, and the fact that we get two of them, in different colours is just an added bonus. Here’s a look at the back of the rocket, which has more tiny explosions printed across it.

I do love his face and can see a lot of use for it for holiday/vacation type scenes.

I do like the minifig’s helmet, which has fangs on the bottom part and little beady eyes on top. The anatomy is slightly incorrect as spiders often have 8 eyes but for the most part the headgear is pretty nice.I also like the minifig’s all-white head with a slightly rattled expression on one side, and a neutral smile with a pointy teeth sticking out on the other.

I would’ve preferred it to be flush and straight down the back but when you cheap out and use rubber instead of regular plastic, these things inevitably happen. Also, the choice of accessory is a little boring – just a regular spider. A fly mould would’ve been a brilliant accompaniment, but nothing will truly save this minifig from shoddy manufacturing. Cute little details such as gold stars and a crown on his chesty, as well as printed hooves on his legs top the minifigure off. He has a winking face, with striking orange eyebrows. He comes with a pearl gold horn, which just looks regal as anything. The shield is also quite easy with its kite-shape, and the handle sticking out the back. It’s actually a pretty neat torso and could be reused as a simple green striped jumper. The possibilities of using the pot for anything else are a little constrained because of that, which is a little disappointing. The cute double-sided face with the freckles is another great addition as well – her hesitant, neutral looking face is an awesome new expression that will surely delight minifigure fans. The wall’s pots are particularly thin but this is one of the largest accessories in the series.

I am really impressed by the printing on the car. On the back, there is a printed semi-circle tile lodged on, which is another nice touch. The car is a really unique and interesting accessory, mostly because you can slot just the upper torso into it to look like a tiny human driving a car. Here’s a better look at the back printing and the arm printing. The boy is attired in a cute formal do, with a short-sleeved polka dot shirt, and a bright striped tie. He has dark blue shorts, and matching shoes as well. He has a meek smile, with green glasses and like any good party guest is equipped with a massive present.

LEGO Collectible Minifigures Series 18 71021 Review

No more using round domed pieces together for balloons which is brilliant.

You can also see that he has back printing which is always a nice touch. The gift box itself is a great new accessory – there are ribbons printed on the side and the lid is also generously decorated. If not, the boy’s hair-piece, which feels rounded will also help tell the two apart, but it’s easiest to just feel for the square tile. In a similarly festive outfit, she comes with a purple balloon, and a lavender party hat as well as a gift box. It would be rude to attend a party without a present in-hand. Here’s a look at the back printing, which has more of that lovely pastel-coloured squares as well as a ribbon sash behind. Here’s a look at the gifts that she brings to the party. The balloon piece and the gift box are instant giveaways that its either the boy or girl. The easiest way to feel for the girl is by feeling for her 1 x 1 round tiles. Guy, as he is affectionately known is the answer to livening up any party. From the get-go, his massive smile and expression of pure glee after jumping out of a cake promises to set the tone for the party. It’s a really interesting, but playful inclusion in this series, and in my opinion, one of the most zany characters in what is already a zanier-than-average series. It’s pretty massive, occupying a 4×4 footprint and actually has a lot of utility as you can just use it as a massive wedding cake for special occasions. He’s dressed in matching colours, with pink pants to math the cake’s base, and a baby blue jacket to match the icing. A really wonderful touch is all the cake and icing splattered across his body – expected when you jump in and bury half your body in cake. They didn’t really have to include that detail, but it adds so much to the overall character and just puts a smile on my face. He has a great, very happy expression, quite possibly one of the happiest faces in existence. Oh and the shiny gold party hat and matching bowtie is another nice touch. Here’s a look at the back printing, which has a bit more icing detail across his waist. It’s large and round and you literally cannot miss it.

I guess there’s always that one strange person at every party, who believes that he or she is a giant, anthropomorphic cat. The printing on her torso is pretty standard, with a patch of white fur on her chest, as well as white arms and legs. Removing her face mask, you can see that she also has whiskers, a nose and fur around her mouth painted on her face. Again, it’s probably the furry reference, but this minifig just kinda creeps me out. It wouldn’t be a cat costume without a tail.I love that all the costume elements are made of hard plastic, except for the horns which are soft. The printing is also exceptional, especially on his mask. They’re quite large, and rigid, as you can feel the webbing between the wings.

You can also look out for the neck clip which emerges at a right angle from the wing. If not, try feeling for the tail piece, which has noticable spikes on it. Though their website be clunky, their prices are right, and the shop is awesome too.

I agree with your conclusion, this is one of best series they’ve produced. Luckily a colleague from work who also collects the minifigures surprised me by finding an extra police officer whilst out shopping and left it on my desk one morning. Soured me in the whole experience, which sucks because it is such a fun set!

Oh well, glad to have this set either way!

Glad to hear you are in a much better personal place with your new job.

I have one on display next to the 600 set.

I didn’t have to buy a couple dozen blind bags to get it.

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