LEGO 1960s Batmobile: Adam West’s ‘Batman’ Gets Lego Treatment

This challenging set inspires hours of imagination and creates a spectacular display piece. Batcopter with opening cockpit, bat-inspired wings with 2 flick missiles, spinning rotors, and a spinning propeller.

Lego 1960s Batmobile

I definitely feel this is a set for adults.

I can see the play features being for kids, but the model is quite fragile and does not hold together very well. The set has too many stickers for the price and some of them can be very hard to put on.

I have ordered additional parts to fill out cave sections and have built up on original model bat cave entrance area.There are better sets to spend this kind of money on.

I had to wait a year and a half tog get my dad to order it, a week to get it, and 2 more days after surgery and the wall was causing me so much stress simply because lego cant get their heads out of their asses!

I am very happy at some for the face paints.

I only wish the batcycle had some decals or something but everything else really took me back to the show.

Lego® Batman™ Classic Tv Series Part The Batmobile Dc Comics™ Super Heroes Speed Build

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