LEGO 1980 Spaceman: Amazon Lego Classic Vintage Blue Something Space

He has blue legs and torso with a classic space logo printed on the torso. He has the 001 smiley head, classic blue air tank backpack, and wears a blue helmet.

He has the 001 smiley head and wears a blue helmet. He has plain blue legs with an older molding than minifigures used today. He also has a blue oxygen tank and a blue helmet. He also has a cracked helmet and an excited turn-around face.Lego классический синий космонавт минифигурки с airtank и радио 422, 71 руб. Lego мини-фигурка sp006 космос белый с инструментами без зубцов торс фигурка 928 6970 926 6901 986, 47 руб. Similarly, his helmet is moulded with a “crack” on the chinstrap, as some of the old helmets from those minifigures could easily crack. Benny’s face is double-sided, a much more recent attribute of minifigures, but still simplistic. One side is the classic smile face with two black dots for eyes and a curve for the mouth. The other side is a wide-mouthed, enthusiastic grin with a tongue sticking out.

Lego Movie Benny Vs. Real Classic Space Minifigs Compared!

Benny also wears a pair of air tanks on his back, connected at his neck. Benny’s 2015 variation is mostly identical to his 2014 variant, aside from the headpiece. On one side of his head, printing depicts a smiling face with eyebrows slanted down to the sides. The other side of his head features a face with open eyes, no eyebrows, and a wide gaping smile. This means that he is able to disassemble certain objects which regular characters cannot and turn them into new things to solve puzzles and find collectables. He enthusiastically began to build one before he was told it was too obvious. It was, however, unstable and sprouted a leak. This ‘70s era spaceman suffers from a cracked helmet and lack of oxygen.


Favorite part of the Lego movie, Benny shouting Spaceship!!!!!!!!!

You have to see Lego Movie at the cinema’s!

or on DVD/ Blu Ray …

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