LEGO 1980s Spaceman: Amazon Lego Classic Vintage Blue Something Space

Next, all bags of color specific legos are then gently washed in a hot water oxy mix. Additional minis ship at. 50 per, please request an invoice when buying multiple minis, thank you!

Great party favors or stocking stuffers!!

Benny’s head is yellow, with black pupil-less eyes and a huge, open mouthed smile. Benny’s torso is completely bright blue with the faded, classic space logo. His helmet is cracked on the chin strap area because many of the classic spacemen’s helmets got cracked in that area due to the plastic being too thin.In the recent trailer, it’s shown that in the sequel, his right arm has been replaced with a prosthetic metal arm, which indicates that his real arm was most likely lost during the invasion. The cracked part on his helmet is said to cause oxygen to leak from his suit, which is alleged to affect his brain. He finally has the chance to build a spaceship when the gang needs to get out of the tower. Benny is worth the price if the buyer says so.

I purchased a lot of these figures and love them all. It arrived fast and was in a nice package.

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