LEGO 1×2 Plate With Bar: BrickLink

It should be noted that the this piece is exactly 1 plate thick. Using just four you can create a little 45 degree angle change in a really simple and compact solution.

Lego 1x2 Plate With Bar

Due to the 1-plate height, it can create a curved surface – if you have enough. So those are the more obvious standard applications, but what are some other fun things you can do?

Another fun technique is to make a perfect triangle by stacking one stud and rotating each plate till you get a triangular shape. Using some rods you can actually lock the triangle shape in place, so if you’ve ever wanted to build some three barrelled guns, guess what, now you can.Lego’s made some rounded off plate elements before for technic. One is like the series, but with an axle hole through the center, and the other is like this plate, but with the same axle hole through the center.

I can see a possibility that they could make more in the future, creating a range of these parts.

I just can’t think of what would prompt them to make that decision. The minifig box wrench also functions as a stud inverter. Not only is the connection less sturdy due to the unpredictability of the chroming process, but also due to the fact that the hole is rounded on both sides instead of having a crisp edge.

How To Build A Lego Bat Signal | Brick X Brick

The box wrench variants still work pretty well for stud inversion.

lego plate with bricklink how build lego bat sig 1

This video is designed for you to have the parts in hand to build along with the video, and of course have an awesome LEGO

lego plate with bricklink how build lego bat sig 2

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