LEGO 2 To 5 Years: By

Those precious stare sessions set the important stage for bonding, and from there, social skills are further enhanced with play. Exploring the world can be confusing and scary, but celebrating successes and encouraging ideas in a safe environment through play provides consistency and comfort.

Finding time to create and connect as a family is challenging in today’s busy times. Thanks for allowing us to be part of your child’s journey!

All items present except for one of the three pizzas and the motorbike. Help young children learn how to care for and play with their pets.The middle turns with the turn of the red knob at the front which also lights up red and there are strip lights at the top which light up. Couldn’t find any stores for your current location. Bring the sets together, and the fun – and town – multiplies!

And with a mix of classic and new characters, the whole family can join in, too.

lego years lego 3

Downtown Car LEGO by 2 year old This little busy body is calm thanks to some lego, duplo lego pieces I have…

We went to Near …

lego years lego 4

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