LEGO 2000414 Starter Set

The kit is applicable for the introductory skills building as well as the deeper imagination and problem-solving aspects of the workshop.

You need to consider what kind of workshop you’ll be running to determine if these are the right ones for you.

Lego 2000414

There’s nothing really missing, but you’ll spend a lot of time re-sorting afterwards. Starter kits are nice in that you can order only the number you need, but are a little expensive if you’re just running quick sessions plus they take up more space if you’re travelling. They are meant for corporate environments, mainly team building events. These are not meant for people that just want to build stuff at home.Sure, you can use them for that, but that is not the primary function. These aren’t supposed to supplement your child’s collection or to be a gift for someone. Please understand this before purchasing. Turns out it is a way for corporate teams to connect and learn to work together. But you need to hire a team expert to come to your workplace and supervise the teams. To be useful, however, the kit would need at least 10x more pieces.

Lego 2000414 Serious Play Lego & Duplo Imaginopedia Set

lego starter lego serious play lego

Unboxing Lego Serious Play Starter Kit ()

Celem zestawu LEGO Serious Play jest poprawa wydajności w biznesie poprzez budowanie z klocków. Zestaw ten jest …

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