LEGO 2001 A Space Odyssey

When a fan makes a real life version of a motorcycle or a working lightsaber, that’s obviously cool and impressive.

You are left to wonder if contact with the monolith has influenced human evolution.

Lego 2001 A Space Odyssey

One of the first times the concept of a killer computer came to such a wide audience. Bowman, now an old man, finally encounters the monolith in a strange and luxurious room, shortly before being transformed by the monolith in the next phase of human evolution. Scene from the famous science fiction movie.

2001 A Brick Odyssey

A parody of , but also a homage to, Stanley Kubrick’s science fiction epic. When Astronauts uncover a mysterious monolith buried …

lego space odyssey brick odyssey 1

ONE: A Space Odyssey, 2001, Spite Your Face Productions. Kubricks seminal epic, condensed into a single minute. In LEGO.

lego space odyssey brick odyssey 2

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