LEGO 2006 Batcave Penguin Mr. Freeze’s Invasion

Master builders can always use more bricks, and they’ll get plenty of them in this classic set. I bought it as my son asked for it several times and he graduated from kindergarten and this was his gift.
Lego 2006 Batcave
At his young age it kept falling apart when he played with it. A lot of the peices in the set were not the original including some of the minifigures. Loads of working gadgets, including costume transformation chamber and rocket launcher. Freeze is always prepared with his chilling weapons and special refrigeration suit.But really, do the aristocrat of crime and the cryogenically modified villain even have a chance against the good guy? The many working gadgets add an element of excitement to the kit, and will certainly lead to lots of creative re-enactments of one of the world’s most beloved superhero’s adventures. Please refer to our returns polices for further info. As another reviewer indicated, it would be nice if they put all the pieces for a particular unit in a bag and labeled it as such. Obviously components are not glued tight and with play will fall apart. Lego’s can typically be better for ‘looking at’ rather than ‘playing with’. My six and seven year olds’ occasionally have problems connecting the pieces as well. I don’t know if it is a hand/eye thing or strength issue, but it allows good father/son time to devote to a complex project. It has become the central focus of his super hero obsession and his bedroom. In addition while the rotating car pad is pretty neat, expect that one single lego in the middle to get broken the second a younger child trys to spin the platform by hand. But onto the good things; the detail is excellent from the computer screens to the joker bomb in the glass case. It may be difficult to build as there are tons of unlabelled bags. Though that’s how old lego sets like this one were. The batman suit is neat, it’s black with a gold/bronze similar to the new black suited batman but the new one has yellow on it instead of gold/bronze. I like penguins sub as it’s nice the features that make it look like a penguin like the flippers on the side and the penguin feet on the back. Alfred is awesome as he is a exclusive figure to this set as no other sets have him, not even the newer batcave. Mr freezes body is basic just plain blue torso and pants but his helmet is cool and his weapon is pretty big. The dock and the bat symbol tower is good, the bat symbol also has a net launcher which launches out with the push of a button and there’s also a middle with it the shoots if you pull the red piece back that’s on it. This has gotta be my all time favourite lego set. It has great functions and the characters are really good. I love the details and i love the size of it. It is very high yet reasonable since its a rare older set which is in high demand for new collectors and some old ones who could not get their hands on it.
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Brickqueen Lego Batman The Batcave The Penguin And Mr. Freeze’S Invasion Review

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