LEGO 2007 Mtt Instructions Star Wars

Top opens to reveal pilot cabin and steering controls. If you’re a parent with low tolerance for a million pieces-parts scattered around, you’ll have a lot to contend with here.

Lego 2007 Mtt

It took him three afternoons after school to put it together and he is still playing with it and it hasn’t fallen apart. Some of the others fall apart pretty soon after building and go into the “lego box” which causes frustration on both our parts as these kits are so expensive. After completing it because it comes with more of the actual action figures than most kits he has gotten weeks and weeks of play time having battles across his bedroom floor.

I think the pleasure of putting it together may outway the joy of playing with it.Although he is very smart for his age, he is only six years old. Joey needed a little help, he is only a first grader and his reading is not that advanced. The only complaint was the 2000 plus pieces were thrown in a box with newspapers. There are two books of instructions with about 180 pages all together. Once he got halfway through the first book he got really proud of what he was creating. He’s completely transported when he begins to play with it.

Lego Star Wars Trade Federation Mtt 7662 Review!!!

LEGO Star Wars: Trade Federation MTT 7662 $99.99 | 1330 pcs | 20 minifigures | Year 2007| #7662 This is an amazing LEGO set …

This set with 1, 330 pieces provides a challenge and inspires creativity for hours of hands-on building fun. However, bags are not numbered, and the instructions give you absolutely no help in discerning which bags contain what pieces; you just have to sift through each one until you find what you’re looking for. This will inevitably make the building process much longer than be.

I was also missing four pages from instruction booklet 2/2 covering steps 25-29 and 37-40, though mine was purchased new. Those gripes aside, happy with my purchase. One of my favorite sets in my collection, too bad it’s super expensive. Its holds up to modern standards better than most of the others sets from its wave. My son had a wonderful time putting this together. The colour scheme is brown and a small amount of grey, the secondary colour being mostly inside the vehicle. The front hatch is, of course, the place for the main function of the set. When the back opens, the small droid carrier can slide in or out. All of the other parts are the same to the older versions. Open the hatch in the back to reveal a battle droid carrier vehicle!

Includes 16 regular battle droids, 2 red security battle droids, 2 blue pilot battle droids and a destroyer droid. The overall level of detail on this set is fantastic, and the exterior of the set finds a nice balance between the sleeker new bricks and studded older ones. The top of this set opens up to reveal a cockpit area. It’s very compact, sturdy and well-made, and adds a lot of playability to the set. The racks stack on top of each other, and fit neatly into the front area of the ship. The mechanics of the whole system work really well, and the feature adds a lot to the overall playability. Inside there is plenty of space for the speeder, gun rack, and various other pieces of weaponry that you might want to put in there.

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Lego Trade Federation Mtt Vs Review & Comparison

These two great models go face to face in the Battle of the MTT’s!

Let’s see who comes out on top!

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