LEGO 2007

Fire the missiles and hidden cannons, or rotate the treads to rise high above the battlefield. This set comes with 2 shadowtroopers anda missile launcher underneath.

The 2 big wheels are able to flip forward or backwards. If you only collect sets from the movie, don’t get this set. When he finally was able to put it together, many of the most important pieces were brittle and broke.

I went to try to return it, but there was only a 30 day return policy.I had an extremely disappointed 10 year old and an expensive piece of junk that should have never been sold at that price in that condition. Shadow troppers are exclusive to this set and very cool.

lego image lego

A compilation of all of the LEGO game trailers over the past decade.

I realize there are more that came out before these, however I …

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