LEGO 2010 Clone Turbo Tank

Really nothing bad about this set, except anakin again?

He is almost 7 and he had struggled a little putting it together due to the size and number of pieces, so we did it together.

Lego 2010 Clone Turbo Tank

We bought it for him because he really wanted it but also because he puts the 7-9 year old ones together within an hour of opening them.

We love the legos because it helps him with his imagination and skills of putting things together, taking them apart, putting them back together or creating something new.

We could not believe that he built the majority of this tank in one day, at five years of age, with just a little help from eight year old brother. Very impressed with the quality and the size when finished.Happy little boy, very happy grandparents. Dealer most helpful in getting the gift there on time. Its great father and son time putting these larger sets together.

I loved the spring type suspension this tank has. It is easy to move about and stays together quite well despite aggresive play.

I like the style of this tank as well and just looks cool up on the shelf.

Lego Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank 8098 Review!!!

From 2010!!

LEGO Star Wars: Clone Turbo Tank 8098 $119.99 | 1141 pcs | 6 Minifigures | Year 2010| SW: The Clone Wars This is an …

Now he has real fun with his sets as there is no worry about them falling apart. He plays with them in battle scenes, flies the ships around – even takes them into the bath tub, and no lost pieces. Also the white residue you get from the glue is easily cleaned by wiping with water. He was very pleased with the product and plays with it all of the time. He thinks the “super big wheels are so cool”.

lego clone turbo tank lego star wars clone t 1

Lego Star Wars “Clone Turbo Tank” Comparison!

( Vs Vs / Vs Vs )

Welcome to my LEGO Star Wars Clone Turbo Tank Comparison!

In this video I will show you all 3 LEGO Clone Turbo Tanks!

lego clone turbo tank lego star wars clone t 2

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