LEGO 2010 Sets: Star Wars

Flicking the little missiles out seems like an opportunity for a fragile set to fall apart, but it held up fine. The detail of the set is top-notch, a few well-noted scale issues notwithstanding.

Lego 2010 Star Wars Sets

I got mine for retail not very long ago, but the list now is well above that.

I love the detail in this set and the nice features like the movable turrets and concealed missiles. A lot of the more complicated sets tend to shed trim pieces like my roommate’s cat sheds hair. It took him a couple of days to put it together, but when he was finished he was absolutely thrilled with the finished product.It’s quite an accomplishment for a kid with marginal organizational skills to be able to put 573 pieces together to make what is now one of his favorite toys. Arrived fully assembled, which our son loved. The instruction book is also still in excellent condition. Buy it before it’s unavailable and prices go up. Black wedge plate was replaced with a dark grey one. Like new condition, what you see is what you get.

They have been used and played with but are in generally good condition.

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