LEGO 2012: Amazon Lego Super Heroes Batcave Discontinued Manufacturer

I grew up with the toys, but was brought back into the fold as an adult. Lots of detail, including the back printing.

It may not have as many pieces as the old one, but it’s still a nice size and a really good value for the price.

I love the holding cell for the bad guys. He asked me for this because he is a huge lego fan. The functionality of this set is really cool.I was playing with him and was enjoying messing around with all of the gadgets on this one. It also comes with several of the batman characters too. It will take a young kid about 2 hours to build, due to the amount of pieces. If an adult or older child helps you can probably knock it out within an hour. They have to back up and see what they missed. That practice is a good one for any child to learn and good developmentally for mathematics and science.

She is way into legos, and she can usually build the sets pretty quick, which is good for her ego, but bad when you spend so much money on something that they are interested in for only about an hour. Fortunately, this set took her several hours to build!

But it’s the only toy he likes, so what are you gonna do. It gets them off of the computer and building with their hands. These toys are good not only for their dexterity it makes them think about what comes next. It was challenging for him, which is good. He stuck with it and after rebuilding a couple of parts to get it right, he was finished. As a matter of fact, right after he opened it, he went into his room and changed into his halloween super hereo costume just so he could play the part when he started playing with his gift. If you have a young one whom is in love with the whole super heroe thing, get him this.

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