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As with previous waves, although the artwork is specific to the new film it’s being applied across all the sets, no matter which film they’re from. As expected, the back of the box shows the various play features.

Lego 2014 Mos Eisley Cantina

Opening the box reveals the set’s 376 pieces are spread across 3 bags, with the stickers and instruction sheet loose. As if to highlight my point, this set does not protect the printed materials, and both the instruction manual and sticker sheet plopped out of the box rudely bent in half. The stickers were nearly falling off the sheet. After crinkling them back to something approximating flatness, the stickers appear to be mostly for the landspeeder.To achieve the landspeeder’s spherical pod-like shape, the build starts by surrounding the pilot’s seat with studs pointing in all directions. The same three stickers are repeated on each of the four sides, and the windows are attached with ball joints to two of the sides to cover the vertices between the panels. At just eight studs in diameter, it’s a surprisingly small model for having 114 pieces (not counting the blaster’s ammo), or roughly one-third of the set’s elements. The remaining two bags construct the cantina, beginning with the bar. All three sections sit on dark tan plates, and each is a different size. A white modified 1×2 brick with handle connects the bar segment to the entrance segment.

Lego Star Wars 75052 Mos Eisley Cantina Review!

Summer 2014

This is only the fourth set to include this element in white. The cantina entrance features a sliding door made possible by a rail in the floor. The walls are a mottled mix of tan, dark tan, and grey, and consist of simple brick stacking. Han’s seat in the alcove prevents the sections from abutting smoothly. The bar captures the general aesthetics of the cantina well, but none of the particular details. The bar is slightly smaller than the one from the 2014 version, but the original 2004 version didn’t have a bar at all. A version appeared in the 2014 set as well, though thanks to the front sticker this one is more accurate. Interestingly, the horizontal band on the walls has appeared in all three sets, but each time in different colors. In the film, it’s a chrome strip similar to what you’d see in a 50s diner with a dark bead along the bottom. The first version used stacked plates of dark red, tan, and sand blue, which was clearly inaccurate on the ordering alone. The 2014 set had just 2 stripes of grey over dark red, which isn’t bad, though grey is a poor stand-in for chrome. This newest version adds a dark tan plate atop the 2014 style. Lastly, the alcove disguises a play feature. Each of the seats is actually a flipping mechanism to spring its occupant out. Greedo, on the hand, gets all-new torso and leg printing. Greedo has the same sand green head as the previous edition, which is only questionably a more accurate skin color than the dark turquoise from the 2004 set. The gruff bartender has a simple cloak and plain dark brown pants. His dark brown hair fades into grey scruff around his face, and lines beneath his eyes show he’s probably been working too long a shift telling droids their kind isn’t allowed in here. Beneath the helmet peeks the same face as a thousand other infantrymen across the galaxy. Landspeeder features a dual cockpit, windscreen, 3 massive engines and a trunk. Dewback features an opening mouth, saddle with weapon holster plus brick pieces for when the saddle is removed. Lets face it – those little blocks on the floor at 3 am can do more damage than a fully armed and operational battle station. There’s just no getting around it – the band is incredible. My son will take it down and play with it when he watches the movie – just because it’s that cool.

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It is by far one of the best sets ever made. There is a great selection of all new minifigures. The cantina is a great model for both play and display. What more could you ask for in a lego set. The only bad thing is that owning this set will make you want another one. With two of this set you can have a full set of six cantina band members, a pair of sandtroopers on dewbacks, and build the second cantina as a mirror image to the first for a larger playset. The whole cantina can fold up in to a near square and contain everything. Having the land speeder included is a really nice touch. Han shot first, at lease he does when my son plays!

Really great set with lots of detail and a great selection. .. Then again, the lighting on the box art may be different or the colour has been revamped like the old grey colour.

Lego 2014 Mos Eisley Cantina

Kids will be thrilled to revisit the box of 616 bricks and build and rebuild as desired over time. Loved building it and now playing with it. A wonderful set and better than the new one they re-released.

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