LEGO 2015 Advent Calendar Release Date

Help the police to build an awesome sled to catch the crook who’s stolen the presents. For most people, parents especially, the yearly advent calendar budget doesn’t tend to breach the £5 mark so at five times that, is this years’ offering worth the money?

Lego 2015 Advent Calendar Release Date

Getting the most generic figure out of the way first, there is a stormtrooper included. There is nothing special about the figure included in this pack, it is piece for piece identical to many other sets and any fan will no doubt have multiple versions of this figure already. The figure looks great though, with unique black head and yellow eyes printed, fantastically detailed printing on the torso and a hood piece. That said, the character looks fantastic.It’s actually a very disappointing build and looks nothing like its movie counterpart. That said, this is the exception and so shouldn’t put you off investing in the set as a whole. Yes, it does a fair job of accurately recreating the infamous triangular ship but with detail severely reduced by size, this is one vehicle which loses its appeal. Alright, so it doesn’t have quite the same appeal but for the number of pieces used, it’s an impressive likeness. This is definitely one of the highlights of the collection as a whole. The best addition here is the transparent mantle which comes with the model to simulate the droid floating.

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The use of existing pieces to create such a simple build of quite a complex vehicle is impressive. The legs are each made from one singular dual-ended pieces which are clipped to the main body at one end with a 1×1 clip piece at the other to form the foot. The bonus for collectors here is that if you’re not interested in the build itself, you can at least utilise the pieces for extra lightsabers. Obviously, this isn’t going to be high on the list of collectors but it will definitely make playtime a lot more fun for younger fans. A ball socket pieces are used to provide the freedom to move the top-half of the model. The blaster included on this build also has a stud shooter, again adding to the playtime appeal. The value for money is not in question here, it purely comes down to whether you can justify the cost compared to a normal advent calendar. If you’re a collector then this set gives you the opportunity to own a few minifigures that are only available elsewhere in the top-end sets. This is, of course, aimed at children and from that perspective there is very little to complain about. In addition to getting a new mini-toy daily, as the collection begins to grow it is clear to see the potential for some interesting, fun and varied galactic adventures with the help of the built-in play mat. Help the police to build an awesome sled to catch the crook who’s stolen the presents. My four year old loves opening up each new day’s door and individually wrapped baggie to see what’s next. He was a bit disappointed in the beginning and had to bring some legos over from our collection because with just the one piece it’s not too fun to play with, but as the days go by, the fun keeps growing. The extra pieces included in most days are a hit as it allows my four year old to share extras from his city set with my six year old and her friends set (extra pieces there too, so sharing is going both ways). Some nights he’s too tired to look at the picture and just understand how the pieces go together to build the day’s item (some more complicated than others), but overall it’s been pretty amazing to see him take a pile of pieces, build what the picture showed, integrate the scene and play as well as share. This one was a lot of fun with some really creative pieces.

We especially loved the little storefront in this one with its fruits and vegetables and the ice skaters. Because the box is used as the calendar and base for displaying all the pieces and each day you poke out another square, this isn’t intended to reuse each year. Lego advent calendars, it would be easy to mistakenly open the entire box and mess up the order of the pieces inside.

You are only supposed to cut open the tape that holds the “flap” which is the floor of the city. My daughter is 6 years old and she absolutely loves it – every day she is excited to see what the next surprise will be – up until now we have only seen 14 different toys and they have all been extremely well made and creative. The back of the box comes down with a wintery scenario so my daughter arranges her different legos on the mat and every day that she gets a new toy she re-arranges the setting to tell a different story. In classic lego fashion they are all a little funny and they did not skimp on this at all. The toys that need to be built are simple and each box that you open shows the picture of what the finished toy should look like and my daughter can easily build it based on the picture.

This has provided hours of fun for her every day!

Lots of cops and robbers and a few days you just got a pile of parts that make no sense. He especially wanted some lego food pieces and this set did not disappoint. To re-use the calendar, make sure you carefully pop open the perforated windows so you’ll be able to re-close them for next time. And be careful opening the box initially: the lid folds down to create a backdrop for setting up all the little models as you build each day.

I was tired of buying advent calender with cheap chocolate that he was okay with. There was a few mess up edges of the box itself and the main cover was tape a bit. However, if you play with legos with your kids a lot. So it was high, however what isn’t high price at lego. It is alot of fun to do with your children or watch them play. If you can – grab them when they come out earlier in the fall at a much more reasonable price.

Lego 2015 Advent Calendar Release Date

Yet, about half of these things to build we have no idea what they are.

I feel incredibly ripped off too because we waited to open it and it is now beyond the window for return.

You don’t need to go to a galaxy far, far away to find fun this winter!

Vehicles include a space shuttle, drone, race car and monster truck. Not produced any longer as this is the calendar from a few years back. The calendar is suitable for ages 6 and up.

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