LEGO 2015 Calendar: Help

Pop open the front flap for a little playmat that extends out where you can arrange the builds day by day. Here are the spare elements leftover from the build.

Lego 2015 Calendar

Here are the spare parts after you’re finished. Jawa’s torso is pretty sharp, with criss-cross bandoliers that are screen-accurate. There’s also back printing, which continues the details from the front. Pretty interesting way to bridge the different planets!The other side of the build gives us more clues about our present location thanks to the nice plant piece erupting near the base of the weapons rack – we’re definitely on a planet with lush greenery.

I think he’s right on the money as it does look like a drum!

Not too many spares in this one – just a solitary transparent blue stud. It’s a tight little build and it’s the right size for a minifigure as well. The parts are pretty useful as a builder cannot have enough browns, tan or dark tan elements in his arsenal. Village set as it shares many similarities such as the three main tree trunks and corresponding living areas/homes .

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The foliage atop the model is also quite nice and gives the entire build a complete and well rounded look. Some extra torso and leg printing would’ve been nice. The build is extremely basic , the catapult is made out of a “scoop” piece which you can load up with a projectile and launch by quickly pressing down on the handle.

You get 2 spare grey projectiles just in case you lose any of them launching them across the room. The slope piece should slope down backwards and it makes the photo slightly incorrect!

Day 12’s build however is yet another weapons rack – this time for blasters.

I don’t really consider droids minifigures but he is still a character with a lot of potential for playability. The twin stud shooters are mounted on a rotating plate which is really nice as it gives the build some much needed interactivity. The stud shooters work as intended, and in this build actually look quite nice.

You get plenty of spare ammunition in case you inadvertently lose them as you fire them across the room. His helmet also makes an appearance in white for the first time (previous instances were tan) which goes really really well with his overall white look. Hoth fans will of course be delighted with his new white helmet and his overall look.

I don’t want to go too harsh on the model since building at a miniature scale is always a challenge.

I don’t know if it’s just me but it also looks like a lanky robotic dog . The build is simple and recognizable enough and employs some very useful parts thanks to the rotating sphere which allows you to angle the laser in plenty of different directions. Basically, you shove one half into the joint, which should fit quite snugly and snap the other half in once you’ve positioned it correctly. The white cheese slope is always a welcome addition to my growing collection!

I also really like the use transparent elements on its base to give it the illusion that it’s levitating. It feels a little underwhelming as we approach the big finale!

Fingers crossed we get something more exciting tomorrow!

I have no idea what this is supposed to be. Don’t even ask me how the lightsaber blades are attached to the clip without searing it off.

I guess one could theorise that the lightsaber’s proximity to the snow melts it, turning it into some sort of slushy highway for the sleigh to ride down. Don’t forget to swap out the pearl gold hands if you do!

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I only learnt of this a few months ago – after having watched the movies over a dozen times each at least!

I felt that we didn’t get as many mini-vehicle builds this year as previous years. The fact that we got several “exclusive-ish” minifigures that have only previously been included in large sets.

I definitely would have been lost without your knowledge.

I really hope they step it up a notch next year!

My main gripe would be having most of the mystery spoilt by too many pictures if the sets on the box, it was impossible not to notice most things even without studying the packaging. Have since that day had a morning visit to your blog after opening my own calendar, and have enjoyed what you have written and your very good pictures. Could that be what the clips on the lightsaber sled are made of?

The head printing is at an angle and the body is quite off-centred to the left. The sledge is quite nice, different pieces and two lightsabers, plus spare hilt!

Great descriptions & explanations of each day.

Lego 2015 Calendar

No form of sticker on the box stating otherwise. They made a mistake using some of last years boxes!

Can’t wait to see what the remaining 2 days bring!

Your calendar really helps a lot figuring out certain pieces, like that wierd droid. She liked that the characters can play with it. There is some combat, one possibly scary scene (although my rather sensitive child was fine with it), and no foul language. Hopefully the last three days will be awesome enough to make up for this one!

I can’t say from where in the movies but the (reinforced) glass piece suggests to me that someone should be standing behind the console and fire the gun.

LEGO 2015 Lego Calendar

Thank you for taking the time to post each day. It’s making this holiday season extra fun for our family!

I am opening with my 4 year old son and it’s great for me to read your post and look at your picture of the build to know exactly what each one is. Some people will try anything to spoil others, mate of mine got spoiled by a random gif file that suddenly showed major spoilers.

I fully regret not making it to the midnight screening. Of course they need to advertise the calendar on the box with some of the more attractive minifigures and ships, but there have only been a handful of the less interesting builds that have been a surprise, aside from not knowing on which day you will find each set.

I definitely agree that they should reduce the number of builds that are being displayed!

The two you’ve got plus an extra grey wedge?

I don’t remember rifles being part of that control panel haha. Got another figure instead (won’t spoil by telling which one if they turn out to be switched). Maybe they have had a brain drain of sorts, doesnt bode well for the rest of the calender but fingers crossed.If you look at the pictures on the front and back of the box is looks like it’s further back. The instructions were pretty bad this time around!

So everyone’s right, depending on which movie you want it to be from?

I miss the older heads with the black borders.

I did not update my page at all after reading your tweet. For anyone who may want to try the same – the sticker can be removed fairly cleanly.

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Heat it with a hairdryer on high heat and the glue should melt. Gently prise a corner off and with continual heat application the sticker should come away nicely.

I spend enough between the kids on lego per year to squeeze a minifig out of them. Question: was there supposed to be a weekly bigger build with all the pieces we got per week?

I don’t believe there’s ever been a time that you combine all the pieces for a bigger build – although that concept does sound pretty interesting!

Do you have a picture of the parts that you got?

The fact that they’re fairly rare is also quite a nice bonus. My 2 eldest sons have been given a star wars calender to share so have been doing alternative days. Be interesting to see if it’s the case this year as well!

My two boys now like to check your blog everyday after opening their advent calendar.

I am really hoping for a wicket mini figure now, for my son of course?. My daughter is 6-years-old and a huge star wars fan!

I got her this advent calendar and we were stumped on a couple of the builds.Anyway, i’m also into photography and really like the photos of the models from each day. Thanks also for your advice on the lightbox. Your post helped remind me what it was she was building!

He got today’s but still very happy to read what you say about it. Also, my box doesn’t have a sticker or even the fine-print wording like everyone else’s.

I accidentally tore several doors in my 2014 calendar in my excitement to get to the parts. That’s quite interesting regarding the box – it seems like there are a few variations in different countries. Thanks for helping me be the cool grandmom!!

Sorry to hear about being in the hospital, hope everything is okay and you get out soon!

I did not know what the first one was once we built it so we appreciate your blog. This is the first year our daughter (nearly 7 yrs ) got a star wars calender. Helps with a little explanation of the builds as she asked what day 1’s vehicle was.

I did a quick check of the other doors/instructions and they seemed to be in order. None of the pictures behind each door match up with the pieces so we’ve had to open every door to get the instructions. Thankfully my son leaves the toys inside until he is allowed to actually open that day.

I have a few different items to you so far, i won’t spoil the surprise.

I hope my daily photos will help you figure out how all the parts come together!

The instructions are located on each door. My boys think it’s going to be a great display when it’s finished. Thank you so much for taking the time to blog each day, great page. It could be that the correction sticker wasn’t applied in all countries.

I think it was a brown cheese slope and a grey tile from memory.

I have read it more than 10 times already. So some sets can have lots of the same price, and heaps in total!

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