LEGO 2015 Sets: Ninjago+Summer+

But it’s been a while since it’s been available, so if you’re into the yellow and/or shiny, this is good. Ghostly scream and energy vortex not included.

In fact, many of them are on backorder already, but fear not; you can still get them, just shipping may be delayed by a few days. Nya’s speedboat, blasting the stud shooters at the ghoulish enemy. Find and open the secret entrance to the temple, but watch out for the trap door on the first floor. Fold out the awesome dual six-shooting rapid shooters to take down the flying beast.Make sure you watch the video-review below as the details of this set are very interesting. Ghost discs fired from the possessed rickshaw and fight back with the tea farm’s flick missiles. Zane in the cockpit and adjust the arms and legs and rotating torso for awesome battle poses. Then take the action to the air with the rocket-booster backpack!

Pick up the ship with the handle, adjust the lever-operated sails and soar into battle. Pull out the dual flick harpoon shooter to activate the engine transformation function.

Lego City Walkthrough Summer 2015!

A 245 Sq. Ft. Layout!
Which one you will get really depends on your personal taste and preference.

I don’t think you could go wrong with any of them. Feel free to share your thoughts, and discuss in the comment section below!

There are rumors that the theme will be coming back in mid-2016 but there’s no concrete evidence to support that theory. Anyways, below are the last three known sets that will be coming out in summer 2015. A rotating stand lets you view this obnoxious excuse of a battle craft at all angles. Wookiee is no domesticated pet with this fearsome gunship. This time, with even more minifigs to lure you in.

lego image sets ninjago summelego city walkthrough

Lego Ninjago Summer Collection All Sets Together!

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