LEGO 2015 Winter Sets

Outside, children ski and snowboard, and a freshly built snowman sparkles in the light that shines from the toy shop tower.

I have time and compare both of them side by side if there’s enough demand for one!

The minifigures are all dressed up for the cold weather with a pleasant mix of scarves, jumpers and coats to keep them warm. The carolers are the standout minifigures of the set, distinguished by their “singing” expressions and prominent flushed cheeks . The female caroler has an exclusive new torso and a beautiful printed skirt piece which has the fabric pattern continuing seamlessly on to the sloped piece. She also has a pretty kickass red and black two-tone cape .Both minifigures come with lyric sheets which are a familiar sight for anyone who has gone caroling. The kids are a great addition to this family-friendly set and they’re all rugged up appropriately for the cold weather. My only slight complaint is the young girl snowboarder girl who seems to have an adult female torso. The little snowboarder girl also has an adorable worried/sad look on her face. The two adults have pretty generic city torsos with back printing and the redheaded lady has an alternate dismayed expression. Overall, a decent enough selection of minifigures with just enough unique elements such as the carolers and plenty of regular city-folk as filler to populate the set.

I took a leisurely approach, constructing the set over the course of two nights – one for each instruction booklet. Here’s a closer look at the lamppost which has 2 transparent spheres enclosing the lights. Apart from looking pretty, the spheres also create a nice “lighting” effect when viewed from afar – as if there’s a halo of light around the lights!

Building it was quite repetitive, but the payoff when you see it all come together at the end is worth it. The use of reds, browns and golds really go a long way in pumping up the festive vibes. The quaint structure is defined by the large windows which allow excited kids to peer into a world filled with fun little inventions. Here’s a peek into the windows where you get a clear view of a little blue robot and a locomotive engine.

I really like the uneven bricks protruding from the chimney. The larger roof can also be detached quite easily – it snugly rests atop the second floor’s frame. The toymaker’s workshop is situated on the upper level, accessible via a cleverly positioned ladder. There’s not as much space to move around but just enough for a simple workbench. The toymaker is currently putting the final touches to a yellow car. There’s also a really random golden frog that’s perched in the rafters. There’s a light brick up in the workshop and it illuminates the room quite effectively – bathing the room with a warm, comforting glow.

I can’t pretend to have the right answer for that as it’s entirely subjective and reliant on many other factors such as your budget and display needs.

I highly recommend this if you don’t have the original.

I will certainly be more appreciative of the kit now. One question – what do you do when the holidays are over?

My local has sporadic 20% sales – mostly advertised in the local paper.

I wait for it to go on sale first, then buy it?

It comes with tons of accessories, and loads of little minifig toys, to bring happiness and cheer to minifig girls and minifig boys!

Plus, these sets are always a good investment, because they tend to appreciate in value due to their limited availability.

Some super nice 4K high definition images of the NEW 2015 LEGO Star Wars Summer Series Sets!


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