LEGO 2016: New Images Dozens Sets

See them all in the database here then come back and discuss them in the comments. Be sure to check out the 700 alternative images, too!

Lego 2016 Sets Images

Will be great for building containers or industrial sorts of things.

I would’ve liked to have seen an overall gray tone with brown and gold mechanical elements, basically the steampunk theme many predicted. As a theme it’s not growing on me yet, though. Nexo knights ultimate sets look like great parts packs!The others might look better in printing, but in person the human ones are nice. It seems as though the new factory is up and running. The architecture skylines look great, as does the new police station, which actually looks different for once. Striking colorsheme, amazing baddies and collectable aspect?

They just look like fun and they are great parts packs. Anyone notice the awesome capes with the superstar house?

Every LEGO Nexo Knights Set EVER MADE #lego#legonexoknights #legonexoknightssets.

The closer something artificial looks to being human the more we feel revulsion towards it. And those “ultimate” figures will probably make great parts packs. Anyone know what the gears on their backs do?

What other toy can have a dude with a ridiculous mustache floating around in a tire?

I might pick those up if they go on sale. Toa aren’t cool, it was a really tough decision. Looking forward to seeing pics of the elves sets. Some of the images are system sets while some are promotional or polybag sets. If you’re looking for them, they’re still out there on the web.

lego image images dozens setslego 1

Lego Elves Sets Pictures!

Here are the LEGO Elves sets for Spring 2016!

The sets are… 41171 Emily Jones & the Baby Wind Dragon 41172 The Water …

lego image images dozens setslego 2

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