LEGO 2016: Summer Sport

Yet it feels like some people don’t have the same journalistic integrity and think they can win points with the community by being sneaky. No need to stoop to sharing photos from less reputable sources.

Lego 2016 Summer

We have updated the post to better reflect our understanding. Regarding our publishing of the image in question; we have long covered newsworthy items when high quality information is available, regardless of its provenance. Please do not mistake our publishing of these images as approval of the photographer. However, as a news organization, it our job to provide updates to our readers on reliable, high quality information.If the images are already in circulation, we would be remiss if we left our readers in the dark or—more likely—drove our readership to seek the information from the other sources where it is freely available. Like you, we wish—probably more than you realize—that photos like this wouldn’t leak out and that we could only provide our readers with finished product shots.

LEGO Summer 2016 sets are already coming into stores!

In this video, I countdown my most anticipated LEGO sets for Summer

L.E.J Summer


lego image summer sport lego summer image

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