LEGO 2016 Winter Holiday Train Review Test!

There are only 6 numbered bags of parts, split into three main build sections. It wasn’t particularly challenging and is in fact quite accessible, making it the perfect build for families with younger kids .

Lego 2016 Holiday Train

First up, here’s a look at the five minifigures included in the set. The minifigs are one of the weaker parts of the set . The train driver is pretty average, dressed up in blue overalls and comes with a red scarf to jazz up his look. The conductor is a slightly older gentleman, with a very impressive mutton chop beard and a cute little satchel for tickets.The boy and mum (?) have relatively uncommon hairpieces, but apart from that, their attire and faces are rather common. Here’s a look at the back printing of the minifigures. The most interesting minifigure out of the 5 is the mum, purely because of her alternate “sleeping” face. It’s quite disappointing that there are no exclusive minifigures or body parts in this set , a negative that is further amplified by the fact that there are so few characters to choose from. The first thing you assemble is this simple bench and lampost.

I guess it’s supposed to be some sort of platform for the train.

There’s nothing really interesting about it, and it feels pretty lazy and doesn’t come across as being very well thought out.

You may notice the white slope awkwardly hanging – fret not, it’s meant to be attached to the train tracks. Next up, you assemble a bunch of charming little toys and presents .

We start with the locomotive engine which is an incredibly attractive model.

I love the liberal use of greens, reds and pearl gold elements, all wrapped up in a very retro look. It perfectly melds the toy-like appearance of the train, with the vintage locomotives that model trains are usually based off. The interiors are really tiny – there’s barely enough space for a minifigure on the inside, but for the most part, it suits the train’s diminutive scale in a sense. Attached to the locomotive is the coal car, which is a small but very effective build. It bears almost the same colour scheme as the engine, minus the dramatic red elements. The coal car has a slight slope and some black rounded elements for the coal used to feed the steam engine. Since this is obviously a festive train, the use of white leaves on the side of the coal car work brilliantly. Using plain studs or even flowers would’ve been slightly better. It’s not particularly large but it packs so much charm and festive delight. Last but not least is the caboose or passenger car which sits right at the end of the train. The green “saloon” style doors go very well with the red and gold accents, further adding to the train’s toylike charm. The roof of the caboose comes off to give you access to the interiors. As you can see, space is a rare commodity and you can barely fit more than two minifigures into the tiny passenger car – they have to be sitting down too. The furnishing is rather bare, with just a lamp and one coffee cup. No idea what the other passenger is supposed to drink. There are a few things that are lacking, such as the minifigure department and the barebones train platform. The sheer number of things you need to motorise it, from the motor to the speed controller adds a lot to the startup cost!

That train has too much class for such tack!

I adore the spinning tree with mini train. This set has my son’s name written all over it.

I first discovered your blog when looking for a review of the friends jungle waterfall set. Your level of detail, honesty and humour won me over. It left other reviews for dead and you were bookmarked immediately!

So thank you for your enthusiasm and sharing your love of this addictive plastic with everyone!

I did wonder how much of an ‘expert’ build this would be.

Lego Creator Winter Holiday Train With Power Functions Speed Build

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lego image winter holiday tra 1

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