LEGO 2017 Calendar

I go, and have (mostly) been able to stay spoiler-free so this is hopefully as exciting for you as it is for me!

As usual, and this is something that really peeves me off, there are tons of spoilers of the builds – almost half the calendar spoiled on the box!

Next year, just have generic illustrations or at least make it slightly more mysterious.

I do like the thrusters behind, which make excellent use of the plate with ring. Her hairpiece is just wild and a great addition to my collection. Sabine’s minifigure herself sports some remarkable details, with really intricate torso and leg printing that does a great job of mirroring the cartoon version.Sabine also has a dual-sided face with an angry expression, as well as back printing which is always a welcome sight. The shape is instantly recognizable, mostly thanks to the yellow plate in the middle, and the sloping wings. It’s a small ship, so it was probably a big challenging getting the model right at this scale. Always nice to get transparent grey cheese slopes and tiles. A bit weak compared to the first 2 days but still relatively decent. Rebels ships have been in your household so far!

Here’s a review and unboxing of the LEGO City Advent Calendar for 2017, set 60155. A new Santa – just what I need!

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It’s just a little boring and doesn’t really reference a particular movie, tv show or era. The minifigure is decent, we get some nice printing on the front and back of his torso. Taslin comes with a gunmetal grey blaster rifle, which is a pretty cool variant from the usual black blasters.

I think the micro model, which is the largest model (by piece-count) so far mimics the original vehicle exceptionally well.

I really like how well they shrunk down the details such as the top “cockpit section” and back thrusters. Some diversity with faces would’ve been nice, but it’s a really minor complaint. Stormtrooper without some sort of blaster!

I just hope this keeps up for the rest of the calendar!

Here’s hoping tomorrow’s window makes up for such a boring model!

The pearl gold crowbar is also a pretty cool accessory to have.

I hope we manage to keep this pace up in the coming days!

The dark grey cheese slope that’s meant to be the radar dish does look a little out of place given that it’s quite disproportionately large.

I also love the transparent 2×1 plate on the back!

It’s a really oddly shaped and uninspiring build.

We get a black hose element which is a decent consolation?

A pretty meh day for me, which is kind of a letdown after such a strong past few days.

I do have to say that this was one of the trickiest builds yet as the intructions on the door weren’t too clear as you couldn’t really see one side of it. It might be especially tricky for younger builders.

I love the shape of it, especially the small bit of snow that’s emerging out of the front, and a chimney/spout that spits out snow to the side. My favourite bit of detail is the small black wheels on each side.

I also really like the clever use of the flag piece attached to a hose nozzle for the ship’s top fin.

I do think more could’ve been done to make the instructions clearer. Like some of you pointed out in the comments, the black elements are really hard to make out on the flap. It was also almost impossible to visually know that the light grey clip is attached to the black double cheese slope.

As you can see, the wings can be swivelled, but unfortunately, the angle is quite limited and they can be put in an upwards/landing position like how the set/ship is commonly depicted. The model is also quite hard to display on its own, as it doesn’t balance on its wings well. Here’s a look at the details on the back of his torso which has some fabric creases and belt printed on. Unfortunately, he doesn’t have any back printing. If there’s one flaw, it’s that the instructions were yet again quite unclear. The most fascinating part about the model is the orange “gold bar” at the back, which is a storage container of sorts. It really pops against the drab backdrop of greys and dark greys. Hope we get a neat surprise tomorrow as there’s only 4 windows left!

This dude has what is the best printing out of all the minifigures in this year’s advent calendar so far. The highlight of this minifigure is none other than his cool helmet, which has an over-emphasised jaw section. It’s also super glossy which makes it look extra nice.

Lego 2017 Calendar

And very worried since there’s only 3 days left in this year’s calendar and to be honest, the front of the calendar has pretty much spoiled the 3 remaining builds. Here’s a better look at the engine thrusters from behind. The snowboard is a nice-to-have as well as it’s not the most common accessory.

I have to say, it’s a bit of a letdown to not have an exclusive seasonal minifigure in this advent calendar. Every year, we get a mix of miscellaneous builds. My thoughts are mixed on the minifigures. A lot of commenters pointed out that there was a huge imbalance in “bad guys”, which if you line them all up above is really apparent.

I think with the main seasonal drawcard, you can’t really get away from that as it’s often the sole reason someone buys the advent calendar, but they should do a better job of making at least 80% of the builds more mysterious and suspenseful!

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar 2017

He has really enjoyed waking every morning, building his thing and then running to me asking me to “read the man’s blog mum, quick…”.

I was able to help and that he enjoyed this year’s advent calendar!

I have no doubt that he’ll enjoy every bit of the build!

It should’ve been part of the calendar, but in the ones preceeding the big seasonal character. Thanks for your blog, really helpful to understand what were some of the trickiest builds to identify!

I just mirrored my own experience with the tricky builds, trust me, it was a challenge for me too!

I could help with you and your son’s advent calendar journey. Let’s hope 2018 gives us something special. My favourite is a toss up between 2015 and 2016. Thanks for this blog; it has helped us a lot with putting together some of the trickier figures and figuring out what the different ships were.

I agree with you on the models and the lack of surprise given that they’re pasted all over the front cover.Overall though, we’ve greatly enjoyed the calendar and your blog – looking forward to next year!!

You guys picked some really great selections as your favourite.

We bought it early this year and your post are so helpful.

I was able to tell my 5 year old what the build is. Thank you so much and will be looking forward next year.

I really can’t thank you enough, or express just how fun and engaging your writing style is!

I review the LEGO Star Wars 2017 Advent Calendar, which contains LEGO Star Wars The Force Awakens, Rogue One, and …

Happy holidays and an especially happy new year to you!

It was fun, and we enjoyed opening each little ship or figure each day, but it seems like there just weren’t as many figures as there were last year. Sounds like you had a positive experience with this year’s advent calendar. Looking forward to see you back again next year!

Needed your help to identify some of those slightly more obscure builds!!

Thanks for all the blog posts and putting a smile on everyone’s face. Looking forward to next years builds and blog. It is hard to get the differentiating features into the model at this size.

I hadn’t bought the calendar the past couple years and just bought one again this year to open at work. It’s been a lot of fun making the builds and trying to figure out (sometimes with your help) what each one was supposed to be!

Kinda sucks that you got 2 of the worst builds. Maybe it’s that light atst seen in rebels. It’s cool trying to figure it out each day.I have also really enjoyed your daily commentary. This is my first lego advent and may be my last.

I attached them underneath the hovercraft to make it slightly more balanced.

I also replaced the round piece on top with a square the same shade as the slope and topped it with a flat round piece to resemble the covers from the movie. For the most part your take on each day almost mirrors my own.

I have also valued your help and guidance with some of the harder builds. This happens to a small minority of people every year.

You can expect tons of studs, tiles, cheese slopes and a hose nozzle or two by the end of the advent calendar!

Thank you for providing clear, brief, precise instructions along with some narrative about what we are constructing.

We also appreciate your sharing your opinion and (sometimes) excitement about each piece.

I can’t think how much trouble younger builds might have. Our 6yr old loves coming on here to check he’s named the ship/weapon/character correctly. It has become part of our morning routine before school. Hope you’re enjoying the calendar so far!

They should really learn to make the instructions clearer for younger kids. Swap the double and single cheeses over and it looks much better (closer to the film) and configures better and stands up slightly easier!

Reverse the wings hinge so the hinge is at the top 4. Reverse the wings themselves so the back of the lego bricks is where the front was. Check the wings go all the way up and down 6.

Lego Advent Calendar

It looks more better if you remove both of the double cheese slopes on each side. No real hurry, after all, and it’s a minor niggle in the grand scheme of things. They are clever and fun but should have not been opening day. Also, different countries open on different days, so it would be pretty confusing if it did. It captures the shape and dimensions pretty well but it’s annoying that the wings can’t fold vertically and you can’t even look at it without it falling over when the wings are deployed. The build probably came from this scene, even though it is a minor part. It looks pretty similar in the game to the build. Thanks for being able to identify some of the other builds which we weren’t able to recognise. Do the snowballs come out from the spout?

Definitely helped with yesterday’s and today’s builds. The snow machine has been the most difficult so far (even for me!) but it’s super cool. They look like a delicious mix of fish & poultry. Thank you so much for explaining all of the builds!

What kind of camera are you using with what kind of lens?

The black background one is a makeshift light box using felt!

Maybe it’s supposed to be something else?

Not much they can do when the vehicle was so unappealing that they cut it from the movie.

I want the piece to center the gun on the front, and something different than the large sloping piece in the middle. Maybe just a second grate piece where the top of the sloping piece is and nothing where the bottom part is, leaving 4 squares to seat a figure?

It’s the tile with the singular hole in the middle. Checking this blog every day has become part of our tradition. He builds the model and then immmediately asks what the blog says today.

I would never be able to make out what each build is without it!

Maybe the windows or parts got switched around?

Sabine looks a bit better with 2 smaller blasters to hold.

I think the blocky stud look works way better than the smooth dome for aesthetic purposes.It helps the looks of the model quite a bit. He loves pulling open the doors, helping to snap pieces together (each one takes a while but it’s worth it!) and looking up info. Thanks for providing the names and details, especially since most of the builds so far have been a bit more obscure. Rey’s speeder, we all knew you would be happy. Have they been enjoying the calendar so far?

This is my 6 year olds first advent calendar. Really honoured that you’ve made the blog part of your routine!

Have you noticed that when open, the 2017 calendar doesn’t show any gifts, hence no spoilers, looks like they compromised?

I sure could do with less spoilers though!

Thanks for all your post over the calendar. This one was just about a perfect minibuild!

We have this saved on my phone home screen and read it first thing every morning!

I bet you’ll start dreading the weapons racks after a few years of them!

You hit the nail right on the head…it’s a mainstay of these at this point, enjoy it for what it is!

We’ve had really tough time to identify some characters/ships.

I hope so for that first order stormtrooper!

I put mine on photo-shelves, one shelf per year, using 2×8 plates and clear round 1×1 tube bricks as stands.

We look forward to your blog as much as opening the calendar. Your blog definitely adds to the excitement of each mornings opening on the calendar. There’s a round flat piece and lots of grey.

I don’t know what today’s ship is or what it’s history is as soon as the door is opened. Although, might have to brush up on the parenting skills…he’s 4 not 5…. Getting four of those 1×2 rounded clips is pretty sweet though. No one has built it yet but the bricks are yellow???

You make us laugh cos you seam disappointed with so many of the builds, but we love them all. The cannon in today’s was fantastic in our opinion. Sabine more than made up for anything, she’s an awesome mini fig. My favourite build so far, neat little creation.

I much preferred last years lthat was focused round the original trilogy. Christmas toy for kids, rather than just a collector’s set. More so that are my age (early mid-40s) who grew up on the original trilogy.

I read your blog every year for the advent calendar stuff.Still – it’s lots of fun to open and put together the daily minis and your blog has been an essential ingredient in this holiday ritual from the beginning. As with every year, there’s bound to be dips here and there. He is probably the target audience on these ones, as he is a fan of the cartoon. It’s worth you time to catch up if you haven’t seen them all. Rebels builds will drive more people to watch the cartoons. Movie characters, especially with the wealth of options available from the three new movies. To be honest i wouldn’t have had a clue who this was without you.Like so many folks we came across your blog trying to make sense out of one of the builds. Greats that you are so many time zones ahead as we open our calendars early. The rain hasn’t been so bad here, it’s been wet but not catastrophic like the news outlets made it out to be. Just gotta build up some of the lost momentum. Glad to have you on the journey this year!

Your photography is very inspiring – love how well you capture the builds and the quality of your imagery.

He isn’t a fan of the show but they did do a good job of making this little ship recognizable. My son came back from his grandma’s (where he opened the calendar after a sleepover) with the pieces in a bag and no instructions. Amazing how much “detail” they can get in 20 pieces or so!

I had no idea the instructions were behind the door. Thank you for making this so much more fun for us!

Can’t wait to see what the nest 23 days give us!

I was surprised but happy to see this year is off to a start with something different rather than a repeat of similar ships and minifigs from previous years.

I almost wasn’t going to get this years for fear of it being more of the same but looks like repeats are to come. Hope you guys have a fantastic holiday season too, and thanks for joining in again this year!

Hope you an your son have a wonderful holiday season!

Advent windows are all still sealed as that part was never opened. The figures were very easy to assemble and they look great. There were a lot of action figures, which he thought was great. He wished there were more (as apparently they are rare).

I also think that this year was better than 2016’s assortment. Pieces are small but ok for older children.

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