LEGO 2017 Coast Guard: City

Grab a life vest and set off on daring rescues. Rescue stranded citizens from scary sea monsters.

Lego 2017 Coast Guard

I could get water inside the boat was scoop it up and dump it there.

I finished making all of the different structures!

Unboxing it, the size of the main ship hull was satisfying. The build was fun, although not as involved as the passenger plane.My only other complaint, which has slightly bothered me on most of the recent lego sets, is the relative sizes of some of the vehicles. Vehicles that actually float and a larger than life set create great ways that kids can role play independently or with their friends!

Medical area below the deck with stretcher and equipment. Speedboat with dual drop-down motors and two water elements. Helicopter with spinning rotors, pontoons, and an opening cockpit. Helicopter features three mini-figure cockpit that opens.

Lego City 2017 All Coast Guard Compilation Lego Speed Build

Two-level observation head quarters with a moving radar dish and antennas. Includes 7 minifigures, plus shark and octopus figures. The boat really floats in the water which is a plus – my kid tried it in the bath. He creates all different scenarios which is great.

PostCard CoastGuard v3 image

lego image coast guard city lego city image all coa

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