LEGO 2017 Coast Guard Sets

A team is quickly assembled and a boat and helicopter aid in the rescue mission. We’ll give you a glimpse of more of our powerful real-time ad analytics.

Submissions without photos may not be accepted. There are buoys/fenders on each side of the ship, a rotating (manually) radar antenna (the bar type usually seen on ships), a working hoist aft, and a helo pad on the forecastle (that’s the raised deck on the front of the ship). There’s a helo with a winch and anchor and floats instead of skids, which sits on the helo pad. There’s a speedboat with a nicely rendered outboard motor and it’s own radar (the round kind on small boats).It was a fun kit to build and there’s a lot of potential for creating adventures. To top it all off, the cutter and speedboat float because- why not?

Lego just figured the boats should float. The submersible robot and helicopter are both sturdy builds and fit well on the boat (which transports them).

I won’t complain about a blue plate getting tossed into this set. They have loads of fun and use lots of imagination.

They did break it into a few pieces after having it in the tub a few times, but that is to be expected.

We just fix it real quick and it is ready to go in the tub for some more fun. If you are considering this set, just buy it!

Sure enough it was on my door step right on time. He especially enjoys the sharks and the helicopter. The parts are mostly indestructible and they are pretty safe for kids to play with (as long as they aren’t being swallowed). With no adult assistance they were able to complete all three items. Finished product was outstanding in both detail and quality. All three were very proud of what they built and how it turned out.

We knew instantly that his favorite part would be the tiny guard dog that came with it.

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